Vivid Condoms: Where Did They Go

Update: Vivid condoms have been discontinued! Previous article is left below.

It’s been only recently that I’ve stumbled upon a brand of condoms called Vivid Condoms. It was their Vivid Large condom that I’ve found first while looking to broaden the Large condoms section of my condom size chart.

Now I wanted to take a closer look at this brand, but I couldn’t find much info. They’re exclusively distributed by Paradise Marketing services and that’s all I know so far.
Let’s see the range of condoms that they currently offer.

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First condom in their range is the ‘lubricated condom’. These are well-fitting condoms, and of course, are lubricated which means you can enjoy the most pleasurable sex possible.

Vivid LargeHave something that a lot of people would be jealous of? Then you may want to try Vivid Condoms’ extra-large condom, that I already mentioned.

Although they say it’s longer and wider than others, if you look at the specification you’ll see that they’re only wider. To be precise, it has a 58 +/-2mm nominal flat width and it’s 190 mm long.

This still means that you are not going to feel constricted like some people normally do with condoms. Couple this with the lubrication that comes as standard, and you will glide into the vagina with ease.

Don’t like the feeling of condoms, or find that you aren’t sensitive enough? Well don’t ditch that condom yet, it isn’t going to be safe at all for you. Instead, you should opt for the extra thin vivid condoms. These are made from thinner than average latex, which is also very smooth. This helps you feel that much closer to your partner. Not as thin as the thinnest condoms out there, bu this might still be one of the best feelings that you are ever going to get whilst having sex if you want to remain safe at the same time.

Of course, there are times when you want your girl to feel a little bit special, and Vivid are happy to help you out here. Their ‘studded’ condoms, as the name suggests, are lined with a number of sensual studs. These are designed to exert incredibly feelings of pleasure every time you use one of these condoms. Sure, the ride may be bumpy, but it certainly is a bump that she will never forget! ;)

Vivid Condom Sizes

I already mentioned the size of their biggest condom. With a width of 58 mm it’s one of the widest condoms that you can find on online US stores and thus definitely recommended for those who need a larger fit.
Their other condoms are all regular sized, with a 52 +/-2mm (2.05 in) flat width, and they are also 190 mm (7.48 in) long.

All of the condoms in the Vivid Condoms range have been tested to either meet or exceed international standards for manufacturing, so you know that you are going to get something of value for your money. All in all, they are certainly worth checking out! All their condoms are available for purchase on at very affordable prices.

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