UK Condom Size Chart

Here’s a condom size chart for the UK visitors, featuring condoms from TheyFit and other brands.
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CondomWidth /
Nominal Width:
Length:Where to buy:
Ceylor Hotshot
45 mm190 mm details
MySize 47mm
mysize 47
47 mm160 mm details
Pasante Trim
Pasante Trim
49 mm180 mm details
Naked Luxury 49mm

49 mm170 mm details
My Size 49 mm
MySize 49
49 mm165 mm details
Amor Young
Amor Young
49 mm180 mm
Billy Boy Aroma
Bily Boy Aroma
52 +/- 2 mm175 mm
Billy Boy my love
Bily Boy My Love
52 +/- 2 mm175 mm
Playboy Triple Pleasure
playboy triple
52 mm180 mm
EXS Regular
EXS Regular
53 mm185 mm
My Size 53 mm
MySize 53mm
53 mm178 mm
Vitalis Safety
Vitalis Safety
53 mm180 mm
Playboy Ultra Thin
54 mm180 mm
Durex Intense
56 mm195 mm
Durex Thin Feel
56 mm195 mm
Durex Extra safe
Durex Extra Safe
56 mm195 mm
Durex Elite

Durex Elite
56 mm205 mmbuy on amazon
Durex Pleasuremax
Durex Pleasuremax
56 mm205 mm
Durex Pleasure me
56 mm205 mm
EXS Magnum
EXS Magnum
56 mm195 mmbuy condom
My Size 57 mm
MySize 57
57 mm178 mmbuy condom
Durex Comfort XL
Durex XXL
57mm215 mmbuy condom
My Size 60 mm
MySize 60
60 mm193 mm details
Pasante King Size
Pasante King Size
60 mm200 mm details

Pasante Super King
Pasante Large
60 mm210 mm details
My Size 64 mm
MySize 64
64 mm223 mm details
My size 69 mm
MySize 69

69 mm223 mm details
TheyFit Custom Fit Condom
theyfit sizes
45 mm - 69 mm125 mm - 238 mmbuy theyfit

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Visit this page to check all the different sizes available by the custom fit condom brand from UK – TheyFit condoms.

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