The Naked Truth about Naked Condoms – Luxury Condom Brand

For a lot of people, wearing condoms are nothing but a necessary evil. Couples don’t really want to use it, but they have to anyway. Condoms can do so much to protect the health and well-being of the person using it and his partner. But it can also take out some of the pleasure in the process.

Wearing condoms shouldn’t be a problem if they fit fairly well enough and are thin enough. Fortunately, that is how the new Naked Condom intended to be.

Naked Condom’s creators claim that their Pleasure Fit technology, for which they hold patented innovation, tries to simulate the feel of having sex like not wearing condom at all.

The technology behind this condom assures all users that if they simply get the kind in their right size, they can enjoy maximum pleasure without having to worry about protection issues at all. And if you’ve read some other posts here you know that we advocate the same – with the best fit you’ll get the best experience.

Naked Condom follows a unique design that is triple tested to reduce the risks of breakage despite its thin and super soft latex material. The condom is tapered at the base for a safer and more secure fit. Inside, an ultra-premium lubricant is added for more comfort.

The Naked Condom with Pleasure Fit technology comes in 4 individual sizes in order to provide for the needs of different individuals. The four sizes of this condom are the smaller 49mm size (width), the 52mm standard size, the large 54mm size, and the extra-large size of 57mm. The length goes from 170 mm (smallest) to 210 mm (largest).

Nothing revolutionary in terms of sizes actually, especially in comparisson to custom fit condoms and European condom brands. Of course, not everyone will find the right fit among these four, but it has to be mentioned that the FDA still doesn’t approve condoms outside those sizes in the US.

The ultra-thin latex (I couldn’t find the exact thickness) used for this product assures sensitivity. The lubricant used, on the other hand, is silicon-based. It is imported from Germany and they advertise it as the finest in the world.

These condoms have passed clinical trials using rigorously approved scientific protocols.
Their innovative design has garnered numerous awards in the world over, including two notable distinctions obtained in China and Japan. Their patent approval is allegedly under process in the different parts of the world.

So, these condoms are made of highest quality materials, they offer 4 different sizes to choose from and their packaging looks very classy and elegant. What will turn away a lot of buyers, however, is the price. A 6-pack is sold for $20, which is four times more than the price of a regular condom. (Update: You can now order Naked condoms for just $12.90 on

If you feel that a fancy packaging and a luxurious touch of these condoms don’t justify the price, but you’re ready to experiment with something different, check out the pleasure shaped condoms, or start by first determining your best fit, if you’re new here.


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