Pronto condoms

Pronto condomsRemember Sensis condoms with QuickStrips? Well, it looks like they’ve got a competition. Pronto condoms from South Africa have a similar system for a light-speed condom application and it looks awesome. They’re called Pronto for a reason, within just a couple of seconds you’ll put the condom on. You take the foil pack out of the protective sleeve.
And then just crack, pull, roll and snap! And it’s on, sexy time can begin!

It’s hard to explain it with words, so just watch the movie below and you’ll get the idea how this works.

Quite impressive, right?
Well, it looks great on video but I would like to try it myself to see if it’s really that fast and easy.

However, the sad news is that they are only available in South Africa for now (UPDATE: unfortunately, these condoms are no longer being produced).
Therefore, if you want to get it on ultra fast, your only option is to get Wingman condoms or Unique Pull condoms (Sensis condoms are no longer available, as well).

You can order Unique Pull condoms here

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