MY.SIZE Condoms Overview: Features, Sizes & Measuring Tools Review

One step towards reaping the best service from condoms is obtaining the right quality and size. Just like one shoe size can’t fit everyone, so it’s with condoms.

That’s why MY.SIZE offers seven nine different sizes to consider. And with diverse sizes you are likely to find what fits you right; because that’s what everyone desires.

In 2021 MY.SIZE relaunched as MY.SIZE PRO with thinner condoms and two new sizes: MY.SIZE PRO 45mm and MY.SIZE PRO 72mm.

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But besides diversity in size, the German-made condoms have CE certification and hence are reliable. These vegan condoms feature easy rolling, minimal thickness, and maximum safety. All of them are made of natural rubber latex and coated with a silicone-based lubricant.

Therefore, you have all the reasons to give My.Size condoms a try and live the experience. On that note, below we’ll list the nine condoms the company offers and review their measuring tape and app.

How To Determine Your Size: MY.SIZE measuring tape and a mobile app

Before listing all their condoms, let us see how to determine which one should you buy. Well, as you might already know if you have read any article on this site, we have some tips about how to determine your size, including a condom calculator.

My.Size developed their own measuring tools – they offer a mobile app and a measuring tape which should help you determine the right My.Size condom for your circumference. You can download the measuring tape here.

After printing the measuring tape you wrap it around your penis which will indicate which My.Size condoms should be the right one for you. I have to say I didn’t like their recommendations. With a 13cm (5.12 in) circumference, I’m usually happy using condoms with a width between 53 and 56 mm (54 mm being ideal), while their mobile app and/or a measuring tape recommend I use the My.Size 60 that has a condom width of 60mm!

Even 56mm feels a bit too loose for me and I always opt for something a bit more snugger. A 60mm width condom feels way too loose and I would have to be extra careful with that one. For that reason, I’d advise you to use their measuring tools with a grain of salt. Like me, you might also be better off choosing one or even two sizes smaller condoms than their recommendation!

Now let’s see all MY.SIZE condoms.

9 MY.SIZE Condom Sizes


This year MY.SIZE expanded their collection with 2 more sizes. MY.SIZE was introduced as the new smallest condom in their line.

It measures 45mm in width, 160mm length and has a 0.05mm thickness. Currently you won’t find a smaller condom on the market than this.

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It’s made from natural rubber latex, assumes a cylindrical shape, and boasts vegan quality. My.Size 47 measures 47mm width, 160mm length, and possesses a wall thickness of 0.05mm. In addition, it has silicone-based lube to help it go in smoothly.

Besides optimal lubrication, it also has a reservoir tip to catch up the ejaculate. Since it boasts ISO 4074 certification, you can rely on its quality.

Considering its size of 47mm wide, it offers a snugger fit compared to ordinary small-size condoms. Therefore, if you are looking for slim-fit condoms that offer less chance of slipping off accidentally, this one is worth trying.

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It features a silicone lubricated condom made from natural rubber latex. The cylindrically shaped condom may be ideal for men looking for a solid small fitting size.

Like its name suggests, it measures 49mm wide, 160mm long, and 0.05mm thick. And owing to its snug fit, it removes every trace of worry of frequent slips. Instead, it let’s you concentrate on what matters most by the moment; your pleasure.

These are available in various packaging sizes. The cylindrical shape, ISO certified, and reservoir tipped features make it as reliable as all other better-known brands.

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Regarding the fit, MY.SIZE 53 avails the regular standard condom size. Besides its transparent, straight-sided, and features non-spermicidal lubricant and a reservoir tip.

It measures 53mm wide, 178mm long, and 0.05mm thick (50 microns). And since it’s of natural rubber latex and unflavored, it should satisfy a wide group of men.

All over, it gives a smooth texture without any frills. Regarding quality, it has undergone electronic testing and is CE certified.

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As the name implies, MY.SIZE 57 measures in 57mm width, it’s 178mm long, and 0.06 mm thick. However, just like other MY.SIZE condoms, it feels smooth and has a silicone-based lubricant.

If you have doubts about various flavors infused on condoms, then you have more reasons to try out My.Size 57; it’s unflavored.

To enhance its safety, it has a teat end, sufficient silicone lubrication, and CE certification. Furthermore, it’s made of natural rubber and reflects the vegan quality.

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The standard size condoms can feel uncomfortably restrictive on some men. To those class of men, MY.SIZE 60 promises comfort. Though it’s larger than the medium size, MY.SIZE 60 isn’t the largest.

It measures 60mm wide, 193mm long, and 0.06mm thick. It’s the third forth widest condom manufactured by the company.

The classically styled condom combines silicone-based lubricant and teat end to give you extra safety and thus discourage breakage.

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Still, some men find even large condom sizes restrictive. So, if you have a penis thicker and longer so even the usual large condoms feel too restrictive, you don’t have to panic. MY.SIZE 64 boasts a measurement of 64mm wide, 223mm long, and 0.06mm thick.

From such a roomy offer, it’s the second-largest condom. However, though it’s so spacious its quality isn’t compromised; it’s also CE certified. Besides boasting natural rubber latex, MY.SIZE 64 has a smooth texture and is straight-sided.

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For the men who find the ordinary large condom restrictive and tight, a super large size is the way to go. For that group MY.SIZE 69, now the second largest and most generous condom size offers a solution.

Designed in a straight shape, it measures 69mm in width, 223mm length, and 0.06mm thickness. If you are a man that has a super large penis size and has trouble finding a perfect-fitting condom, then better try out MY.SIZE 69.

Besides its super large size, it’s smooth, straight-sided, and has a reservoir tip at the end. If flavored condoms irritate you, then you have more reason to try out MY.SIZE 69.

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In 2021 MY.SIZE introduced one more size and this is the largest latex condom currently available.

It measures 72mm in width, 233mm in length (9.2″) and 0.05mm thickness.

Currently you won’t find a larger (wider) latex condom on the market than this.

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It’s irritating and quite uncomfortable to wear an ill-fitting condom. Instead of putting up with a restrictive condom, MY.SIZE offers a wide range of sizes to consider.

Condom size is a major factor when choosing the right match. From men who are least endowed to the most endowed, the (now) nine different sizes offered by the brand caters to a wide group of men.

And for each, the products have a CE certification mark and are vegan (free from any animal components). So what next? Measure the size of your shaft and choose the condom that feels comfortable to wear.

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