Pronto condoms Relaunch

Pronto condomsPronto condoms from South Africa came up with a fantastic system for a light-speed condom application and it looks awesome. They’re called Pronto for a reason, within just a couple of seconds you’ll put the condom on.

First, you take the foil pack out of the protective sleeve.
And then just crack, pull, roll and snap! And it’s on, sexy time can begin!

It’s hard to explain it with words, so just watch the clip below and you’ll get the idea about how this works.

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Quite impressive, right?

Well, it looks great on video but I would like to try it myself to see if it’s really that fast and easy.

Story Behind Pronto Condoms

10 years ago a South African inventor, Willem van Rensburg, came up with the idea for Pronto condoms and launched a few introductory videos which became viral. The first reactions were very positive, however some guys had a problem opening the condom package, so the official launch was paused. Thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation the company got additional funding to relaunch the condom with a new design which makes it easier to open the pack and apply the condom!

Right now they are looking for additional funding through Indiegogo which will allow them to increase their capacity for the manufacturing of the plastic applicators.

Sounds interesting? Well, if you want to get it on ultra fast, back up Pronto condoms campaign today!

Quick condom specs and Size

Material: Natural Latex
Length: 180mm
Width: 54mm +-2
Thickness: < 40 microns
Shape: Parallel/Straight

Other Alternatives

It should be noted that there are few other condom brands with a similar concept: Unique Pull condoms and Wingman condoms. There used to be a third brand called Sensis condoms with QuickStrips, however they are no longer available.

Unique Pull condoms can be ordered here (be sure to first read the review)

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