myONE Improvements: Custom-fit condoms 2.0

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The MyOne is a sub-brand of ONE condoms, a brand that was launched back in 2004. The company made it its mission to encourage increased use of condoms and to promote conversations about sexual health by making efforts to engage people in a surprising and delightful way.

The myONE sub-brand was launched in 2017 after Global Protection, the corporation behind the ONE brand, acquired TheyFit, a UK based custom fit condom brand.

The very first version from the myONE sub-brand received critical acclaim across the world, having emphasized the difference that accurate condom fit makes on the sex lives of the users.

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By manufacturing condoms that cater for a wide range of penis sizes, myONE was able to give everyone a condom that fits perfectly.

People across the world were now being able to use condoms and protect themselves and their partners without complaining of squeezing, pinching, or slipping off.

Proper condom fit was a game changer in the condom manufacturing industry. But ONE was not about to stop there; the company was on a mission to create the perfect condom, not just in terms of fit, but in all aspects.

Their team of scientists worked tirelessly in this endeavor and developed advanced condom manufacturing technologies, driven by all the customer feedback they were receiving.

The result was the myONE Custom-Fit 2.0 that was launched mid-2018, 9 months after the Original. The second version has come with 3 major improvements geared at providing maximum pleasure and performance. In this post, we will be discussing the improvements made by myONE in their subsequent launch.

myONE Condom Improvements

These improvements include three technical advancements geared at giving the user as much sensation as possible, while still maintaining the highest level of safety standards possible. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the improvements.

30% Thinner

The second version is 30 percent thinner than the Original, which gives you a skin-to-skin feel, eliminating the obstruction most people complain about when using standard condoms. This myONE condom is made of Sensatex, a proprietary material developed by the myONE company.

The material is much softer and more elastic compared to latex. This allows for a more intimate sensation for both partners and provides more maneuverability to the wearer.


This means that the condom is fully lubricated from the base to the tip, even when dealing with larger-sized condoms. Unlike conventional condoms that are sometimes insufficiently lubricated, the myONE condom has a fully lubricated surface that allows for a smoother ride, hence enhancing pleasure for both parties.

The reason the myONE condom is so well lubricated is that each condom is lubricated before rolling and wrapping in order to ensure that every inch of the condom has been accounted for.


The subsequent version of the myONE brand also comes with a thinner base and, no, this does not compromise safety. The reason for making the base thinner is that it reduces tightness and gives the user the freedom and maneuverability to keep the fun going with no discomfort whatsoever.

The proprietary MicroRoll technology used to achieve this is the property of the myONE company, which means you will not find similar features on any other condom in the market today.


myONE was so confident about its new product that it gave away a million free samples of the new and improved version for users to try out, and so far the positive feedback has been overwhelming. Log onto the myONE website, find your perfect fit, and try this version yourself. You can also buy them on

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