Sensis Condoms with QuickStrips

sensis condomsSensis condoms is a relatively new condom brand launched by Grove Medical LLC. They launched their first product – Sensis condoms with QuickStrips – in the first quarter of 2009. As they say, their product was inspired with all the improper application of regular condoms. Studies showed that 30-50% of consumers apply the condom incorrectly, and thus increase the risk of STDs.

UPDATE: It seems that Sensis condoms are no longer available. If you like their concept check out a similar condom brands – Wingman condoms or Unique Pull condoms (you can order Unique Pull here).

With their patented QuickStrips, which are rolled into each side of the condom, putting on a condom is extremely easy and fast.

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Consumers are recognizing their creative design and innovative QuickStrips concept, so they are slowly making an impact in the condoms market share.

Besides applying the condom faster and easier, there is one more benefit – more lubricant will stay on the condom as you hold the strips rather than rolling the condom down with your hands.
And you can easily apply them in no light places.

I wont write any more about how easy and great this looks, because you have to see it to believe it.

Here is a video with some demonstrations:

Not bad, right?

The price is quite reasonable. They are offered in microdot-ribbed and thin varieties and you can get a 12 pack for just $9.95. If you want to try it, you can order their condoms at Undercover condoms, or visit their official website to order free sample.

UPDATE: Sensis condoms are currently unavailable. Try Unique Pull condoms instead – click here.

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