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Condoms, however effective they are in preventing reproductive health related issues, are not the first birth control method of preference by a lot of men. Many complain about the fact that it is hard to put on. Also, it can reduce the sensations felt compared to wearing nothing at all.

These two issues are what a newly released condom is trying to address. Adrian Tunovic, a Dutch engineer, spent enough time and expertise to design a condom that takes only 2 seconds to wear and one hand to do it too. What he came up with is a wing-like device attached to the opening of the condom for easy wearing. It is because of that attachment that his condom is called the Wingman.

Hold the wings with one hand and insert the condom by rolling it down. Once it goes all the way, detach the wings and throw it away. The condom is now ready to use. Wearing condoms can’t be a lot easier than that. Active men definitely have a lot to thank Tunovic for.

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Because of the wings, there is no need to make the condoms thicker than what’s necessary. Condoms are manufactured in a rather thick gauge not to make it stronger but to wear it easily. It follows that it can be very hard to wear thin condoms because the material can cling too much.

wingmanWith the Wingman condom superbly thinner than the conventional types, the sensations the user feel are guaranteed to be almost the same as not wearing anything at all. This is the main selling point of these condoms and men would definitely find them way better than what they are using all this time. The Wingman condom is definite a big contribution to the market filled with different birth control options.

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