Best Non Latex Condoms And Their Sizes

A lot of people are allergic to latex. If you are one of them, then your condom option will be limited to the non-latex types. If you want to know the best brands sold in the market, they are:

1. Lifestyles SKYN (or Lifestyles Skyn Large)

lifestlyes skynLifestyles Skyn is made with premium polyisoprene. Polyisoprene is a type of non-latex condom which can be lubricated for ease of use. Lifestyle Skyn is safe to use with almost all types of lubricant and is very comfortable to use. This one fits and stretches right and it’s recommended for people with average penis circumference.

Length: 7.5″ (190 mm)
Width: 2.09″ (53 mm)
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It also comes in a larger versionLifestyle Skyn Large – which has a width of 2.2″ (56mm) and it’s a better choice for guys with circumference between 5.1 and 5.5 inches.

2. Durex Avanti Bare Non-Latex

durex avanti bareThe Durex Avanti brand comes in two variants, the latex and the non-latex kind. So be sure that you get the box that specifically says non-latex. This soft-as-skin condom brand is one of the most trusted in the world. The Durex Avanti non-latex condom version is also made of polyisoprene and it’s thinner and more sensitive than the regular latex option.
Length: 7.5″ (190mm)
Width: 2.13″ (54mm)
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3. Trojan Supra Microsheer

trojan supraMade with very thin polyurethane, this condom variant is specifically designed to improve the couple’s sensual pleasure. It is clear, odorless, and very thin – the very features that suggest pure excitement. Trojan Supra is compatible with all lubricants, both oil-based and water-based.

Although it features a bigger width, people with larger penis circumference should keep in mind that polyurethane is less stretchable than latex so they might find this condom uncomfortable (too tight).
Length: 7.9″ (200mm)
Width: 2.3″ (58mm)
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4. UNIQUE Securefit

unique securefitThis is the only small condom on the list, so it’s perfect for those that are looking for a tighter fit condom which is also latex free. The material this condom is made of synthetic polyethylene resin which is durable and super thin. At just 0.015 mm it is one of the thinnest condoms on the market.
Width: 1.92″ (49 mm)
Length: 6.3″ (160 mm)
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5. Naturalamb Non-Latex Lubricated Condoms

Trojan Natural LambIf you are looking for a more natural, skin-to-skin pleasure using a condom, this option is quite good. However, Naturalamb’s non-latex condoms are only for monogamous couples. While it works best against unwanted pregnancy, it doesn’t perform as great against sexually transmitted infections. Made of lambskin, it is the most natural alternative to latex.

This condom has a pretty comfortable fit and can be used by guys who are looking for a larger condom. Others don’t have to worry that it will slip because it comes with a Kling-Tite band which ensures the condom will stay in its place.
Length: 7.9″ (200 mm)
Width: 2.7″ (68 mm)
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6. FC2 Female condom

fc2 female condomIf you feel that none of the above mentioned condoms are a good match for you, don’t worry – you don’t have to compromise your safety. Female (internal) condoms are made of nitrile, so they are suitable for people with latex allergy. As they have a comfortable width they will fit almost any penis circumference. To find out more about female condoms read this article. Update: these condoms are now available by prescription, so be sure to ask your doctor for a prescription if you’re willing to give them a try.
Length: 7.28″ (185mm)
Width: 2.99″ (76mm)

These are some of the most popular non-latex types that can provide all latex-sensitive couples better options as far as optimum protection is concerned. Pick one or try all of them, then decide which brand is going to the best one for you. With these choices, your pleasure and protection need not be compromised.

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