Female Condom Improvements with FC2

To complement the use of the more popular male condoms, female condoms are trying to penetrate the market for some time now. However, it seems like the first female condom version called FC1 wasn’t able to solicit the same level of popularity that the male condoms enjoy.

FC1 is the term used to call female condoms and right now, FC2 is the latest and improved version. The FC2 promises of a better and more improved female condom experience for women.

The FC1 is made of latex and that could be one of the reasons it was unpopular. Many women are allergic to latex, and so are their partners. Furthermore, when used as a female condom, latex tends to make that rustling sound that could otherwise be distracting.

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To correct these issues, the FC2 is made with synthetic latex instead. Such material won’t trigger the same allergic reactions that regular latex would, allowing many women to use it with full ease. And the rustling noise is gone as well.

Female CondomThe FC2 also adapts better to the body temperature, thus giving users the most natural feel. And compared to the FC1, the FC2 proves to be way cheaper.

It can also be stored just about anywhere unlike, the FC1 that would be rendered useless when placed under direct sunlight. There are no seams on the FC2 either, so no more irritating feel for the users.

And lastly, the FC2 can be used with almost all types of lubrications. Do note that the FC1 can never use the oil-based variants.

With these improvements on the female condom, it is clear to see that women are given better choices now as far as safeguarding their sexual health is concerned.

Having a female condom easily available gives woman more control of the situation. Female condoms are not competing in any way with the male condoms. They are produced just so women and couples are given more choices.

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