LELO Hex – The New Honeycomb Pattern Condom

Whilst there are a lot of condoms available on the market right now, apart from the addition of a few bells and whistles, the design of the condom hasn’t changed all that much. Look at a condom design now and it will look similar as a condom from the 1970s. LELO, a Swedish sex toy manufacturer, believes it has a revolutionary solution.
lelo hex

A few years back, Filip Sedic looked at the condom industry and made assessment: “You want something with a good feel or you want something super strong. That’s the choice, and sorry, but I don’t think you have a good feel if you put condoms on top of one another.” He decided to change this.

UPDATE: LELO Hex is now available for purchase on Amazon

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What’s Different About LELO Hex

LELO are introducing a condom product known as ‘Hex.’ They say it should be one of the strongest condoms on the market. The condom is created by joining together over 350 latex hexagons. They are arranged in a honeycomb structure. The design is actually based off of a Formula 1 tire when they need to be used in wet conditions.

lelo hex

The way in which the HEX condom is linked together is designed to increase the strength of the condom. It is able to achieve this despite the latex used being thin. Whilst it is not designed to be one of the thinnest condoms on the market (LELO Hex has a thickness of 0.055mm while the thinnest latex condom is 0.036mm and thinnest polyurethane condom just 0.018mm), they believe that its design is a game changer. They claim that these linked hex cells are able to easily mold to the shape of the wearer. This, once again, should deliver heightened sensitivity.

Sedic, the man behind the condom, demonstrated the strength of the HEX to many working in the media. He was able to place it over his fist and poke it with a pen. Only one hexagon broke. Whilst any condom breakage is not a good thing, having only one hexagon break as opposed to the entirety of the condom means there is still some degree of protection in place for both partners. Does it mean it is bulletproof? Definitely not.

The inside of the condom is slightly raised. Apparently, this is designed to ensure that slippage is kept to a minimum whilst also heightening sensitivity for the man. LELO believe that their design will help more people practice safe sex. It is believed that four out of every ten intercourse sessions involves sex without a condom, with up to one million people around the world each day contracting HIV as a result.

Recent studies have demonstrated that more men are veering away from sex with condoms. One sex researcher, Zhana Vrangalova, PhD, stated that many men are opting not to use condoms, as they do not like the feel of them. The team at LELO feel as though their condom can change that. They believe that the hexagon structure of their condom will ensure increased levels of sensitivity, meaning the male is going to feel a whole lot more comfortable whilst they are wearing the condom.

What’s The Size Of LELO Hex Condom

LELO Hex is 180mm long when unrolled, and more importantly has a width of 54mm. That’s the average size in EU and US. Regular condoms usually have a width from 52mm to 54mm, although even some larger condoms come with a 54mm base width, for example Trojan Magnum.


LELO introduced a bigger version of their condom called LELO Respect XL which is wider and longer than regular LELO Hex. Here are the exact stats:

    Width: 58mm
    Length: 195mm
    Thickness: 0.045mm

If regular LELO Hex was too small you can give this one a try. It’s also available on Amazonclick here to see the price.

Before You Buy It

Although I wouldn’t say this new pattern will revolutionize the condom industry I believe LELO Hex is worth of trying. If you’re gonna test them for yourself first make sure that its size will suit you. Regular LELO Hex should best fit guys who have an average or slightly above average circumference.

How To Get LELO Hex

UPDATE – LELO Hex is now available for purchase on Amazon.com. You can choose between a 3-count or a 12-count box. The price is slightly higher than it was on indiegogo, the platform they used to launch the product. See it here.

You are able to order the LELO HEX condom from now until August 12th 2016. It is likely that the condom will be released to the mass market shortly afterwards, depending on how the pre-order window goes. The condoms can be picked up at a price of $14.00 per 12 condoms, including shipping worldwide, although the price is expected to rise shortly afterwards. The condom can be ordered through the Indiegogo website.

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