Don’t Be Silly Wrap Your Smartphone For Maximum Protection

A condom on your smartphone can provide a waterproofing method that may work well even underwater. If you or someone you know has ever dropped your cell phone in water, you know what a pain it is to dry it out and pray that it works. Whether you are one of the millions of smartphone users that like to surf the net or play games in a relaxing tub, your worries may be over.

One ingenious blogger recently posted on his blog that he uses a condom to make an impregnable barrier for his cellphone before using it in the tub. Yes, he even used it underwater. Maybe you don’t bring your electronic mobile devices in the tub but before you condemn those who do, you may bring your phones to the beach, the pool or while visiting other moist places.

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The unnamed blogger stated that though the condoms are a tight fit, they worked quite well and that the touch screen was about 99.96% as good as when unsheathed. He even pointed out that one should check to make sure that the lubrication levels be noted as to not get any in the speaker or microphone.

Though condoms can be fairly effective at preventing pregnancy and STD’s, be sure to take care of your phone as accidents can happen. We are in no way responsible for your phone. Watch those long nails ladies. Use condoms at your own risk.

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