Chinese Company Gives Employees Condoms as a Yearly Bonus

It’s not every company in the world that gives their employees a bonus at the end of the work year, but for people who work with companies that do, the expectation is that it will be a nice little financial reward.

It’s a fair assumption, as regular salary payments are in the form of money, but there are some companies that buck that trend come bonus time. Christmas turkeys, food packages, and even a free party for the staff are some of the items delivered in lieu of money. But how would you feel if your employer handed you a year-end bonus that came in the form of condoms?

That is exactly what happened in China recently, and by all accounts, the recipients of the bonus were less than impressed. The company in question is called Scisky Shuixing Ketian, known for creating synthetic polymer products such as paint.

The Chinese company recently expanded their product line to include condoms, and seemed to think that it would be a good idea to reward their employees by giving them two boxes of the new condom products as a bonus gift at the end of the business year.

A video has been circulating that showed the male employees at the company lined up to receive their bonus, and it has to be said that more than a few looked a little miserable (update: the video has been taken off in the meantime).


There were a few who were able to look delighted with the award, but that happiness quickly turned to disdain when they realized that the whole award ceremony was being captured for posterity.
One of the reasons why people were so upset with the bonus was because of the changes recently made in China when it comes to procreation.

Several years ago, the Chinese government tackled the business of overpopulation in the country by putting a 1-child law into effect. Simply put, couples were only legally allowed to have one child, a law not greeted with delight.

The law eventually backfired, though, as the government was unable to financially support the ever-growing number of retirees, especially since fewer new people were entering the workforce because the 1-child law was put in place. That forced the government to scrap the controversial legislation at the start of 2016.

Most of the problems caused by overpopulation in China, the most populous country in the world, still exist, though, which may make some people believe that the condom bonus was not a particularly bad idea.

If you asked the average working stiff what they would think about receiving such a bonus, you would likely be hard pressed to find many people admitting they would be happy.

For most of us, having the cash to buy our own condoms is good enough, especially when there is still some money left over to make it feel as though your work efforts were appreciated by the big bosses.

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