Best Water Based Lubricants

The market for water based lubricants is highly ever growing and popular, and there are just so many different types to choose from that it can be overwhelming. For most people, water based lubricants are an important part of their sex lives, which is why it is important to pick out the best water based lubes for your needs.

It’s essential to find a lubricant that is comfortable, long lasting, stain-proof, and easy to clean up. There are several different kinds of lubricants, and since everyone’s body is different, there is no one lube that works for absolutely everyone.

Water based lubricants are of the most common, primarily because these all-purpose lubes are safe with condoms and sex toys, while also avoiding a messy clean up.

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They can come in liquid or gel forms, and are essentially nonirritating and provide moisturizing effects on the skin. Making lubrication a part of your sexual experience is a great way to help sustain intimacy and create satisfaction between you and your partner.

Here is a compiled list of some of the best water-based lubricants with the best ratings to help provide you with the information you need to find the right one for you:

Sasmar Classic Water-Based Personal Lubricant

Sasmar Water Based Personal Lube – Lubricant for Men, Women, Couples, Him, Her – Long lasting Formula, Paraben Free, Zero Residue – Travel Size Lubricant - 2.3 Ounce
Sasmar Classic consists of a silky-smooth formula of superior, high quality. It is available in various formulations and is long-lasting, non-toxic, and non-irritating to the skin.

It’s natural and smooth sensation makes it a top-notch lubricant, combined with its compatibility with natural latex, polyurethane, and polyisoprene condoms.

Naturally moisturized and comfortable, Sasmar Classic significantly enhances pleasure and sensations for both partners with or without condoms.

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Sliquid H2O Original Water Based Lubricant

sliquid h2oThis lubricant is high quality in safety and naturalness. 100% glycerin-free, paraben-free, and vegan, Sliquid H2O boasts a clean and simple water-based blend, substituting plant cellulose with those less natural ingredients that are often found in lubricant products.

They are formulated by women for sensitive women, ensuring that these lubricants will not cause yeast infections or UTIs. Sensitive skin around the vaginal area can make sex painful and irritating, which is why water-based lubricants such as this product are especially beneficial.

Non-staining, unflavored, and unscented, this unique yet simple blend mimics the naturalness of your body’s own lubrications to make your sexual experience a more pleasurable one.

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Good Clean Love

good clean lubricantGood Clean Love is a safe, organic lubricant that does not contain petrochemicals or parabens. Cruelty-free and 100% vegan, this product is perfect for natural lovers who are looking for a 100% environment-friendly product.

This formula infuses a touch of lemon and vanilla, which makes for a fresh and sweet lubricant that is almost undetectable in scent. All of their lubricants are made with aloe vera, xanthan gum, and agar agar which enhances a smooth and long-lasting glide without the use of unnatural chemicals.

Good Clean Love’s vision is to provide natural sexual well-being products as well as essential sexual education and information with a firm focus on creating more sustainable world, making it a trusted resource for their products.

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Shibari Water Based Intimate Lubricant

Shibari Water Based Intimate Lubricant, 32oz with Pump by Shibari
Shibari Intimate Lubricant is a fairly new formula made for the softness of women’s skin. This pure, high-quality water based lubricant is hypoallergenic and paraben-free, making it clean and natural.

The formula is designed to last longer, prevent skin irritation, and relieve personal skin dryness. Its high-quality ingredients enhance comfort with a smooth and silky feel, making it a great choice among personal lubricants.

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Lulu Lube Natural Water Based Lubricant

Personal Lubricant. Lulu Lube Natural Water-Based Lubes for Men and Women. 16 oz. - Lubricants Made in USA - 100% Unconditional Money Back
Stylish in its designer packaging, Lulu Lube’s appearance is by no means misleading. This lubricant delivers quality lubricating liquid from it’s classy and refined pump bottle.

Made for men and women, this lubricant combines comfort with intimacy with its incredibly silky, slippery feel and tasteless liquid with discreet means to fix dryness. It easily rinses off with water, making the cleanup process painless, and prevents chafing during sexual activity.

Petrochemical, glycerin, and paraben free, this product is an essential solution for dryness during lovemaking, and greatly improves the pleasure and comfort for the woman as well as her partner.

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Isabel Fay Natural Intimate Personal Lubricant

4 Oz, NO Parabens NO Glycerin, Natural Personal Lubricant for Sensitive Skin, Isabel Fay - Water Based - Best Personal Lube for Women and Men
Isabel Fay is a natural, water-based sexual lubricant product made for sensitive skin. Condom safe and made with a natural formula without artificial or chemical properties, this lubricant is odorless and colorless with a $100 money back guarantee.

Isabel Fay is particularly advantageous because of its naturalness, boasting compatibility with sex-toys and all types of condoms. It does not leave any residue or white patches, which makes it an easy use lube without the messy cleanup.

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Swiss Navy All Natural

swiss navy all naturalThis product contains a natural ingredient, carrageenan, that enhances its silky smooth feel considerably compared to many other natural lubricants.

This formula contains deionized water, propanediol, xylitol, gluconolactone, sodium benzoate, and carrageenan, with none of the harmful chemicals that can be toxic to your body.

The carrageenan gives it that silky, silicone feel without the messy clean up and stains of silicone-based products. Swiss Navy All Natural is safe to use with condoms and is one of many high-quality natural lubricants that gets the job done.

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Astroglide Personal Lubricant

astroglide personal lubricantAstroglide Personal Lubricant is a water based and water soluble lube that provides a long-lasting, extra slick, and petroleum free formula for lube users. This product aims to enhance the comfort and ease of your sexual experience, and according to its reviews it delivers and intensifies sexual and intimate pleasure.

It’s designed to mimic natural body lubrication and provides moisture to help prevent vaginal dryness. It’s long-lasting, condom-compatible lubricating and moisturizing formula makes it a top-selling product, and its slippery feeling avoids stickiness and feels just like water.

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YES Organic Personal Lubricants Water Based Formula

yes organicsCertified organic and approved by the NHS, YES Organic Personal Lubricants are chemical and paraben-free, making it a healthy and safe choice for body users. Actively nourishing and identical to nature, this product contains powerful moisture retentive properties that help hydrate the skin.

Water based with a richly hydrating formula, YES is body-friendly and is produced for both men and women. It contains a moisturizing component that helps alleviate dryness and irritation and works to enhance and extend pleasure during sexual intimacy.

Skin-nourishing and smooth, this lubricant is an excellent choice for that sensuous feel. Premium, stylish, and hygienic, YES Organic Personal Lubricants are an optimal choice among water based lubrications.

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Healthy Vibes Water Based Intimate Personal Lubricant

Healthy Vibes Water Based Personal Lubricant - Lube Lasts Long & Easy to Clean - Odorless Flavorless Water-Based Use w/Latex Condoms, Silicone Toys - for Men Women Couples Solo Play - 8 oz
Premium and water based, Healthy Vibes’ Personal Lubricant is paraben-free and of high quality. Its formula is designed to increase the body’s natural lubrication, and its hydrating ingredients help moisturize and replenish dry areas of the skin.

This product works primarily well with alleviating vaginal dryness and is great for people with highly sensitive skin. Versatile to all skin types, this lubricant contains the long-lasting silkiness of silicone without the hassle of cleaning up as it easily rinses off in warm water making it an ideal choice for people whose skins are more sensitive than others.

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Wet Natural Beautifully Bare

wet naturals bareThis product is designed for those who are sensitive to regular lubricants, making it a great choice for comfortable and worry-free sex. Formulated by women for women, the sensually-slick formula contains skin-soothing extracts such as grape seed and cranberry for a natural and pleasurable sexual experience.

Enriched with natural botanicals free of glycerin and parabens, Wet Natural Beautifully Bare is perfect for enhancing a women’s natural lubrication during sensual play. It’s Sensual Strawberry formula is lightly flavored and scented.

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Final Words

Water based lubricants mentioned above are most definitely of the highest quality and most positively reviewed. All water-based lubricants on this list can be potentially beneficial to your sexual experiences, it’s just a matter of choosing which lubricant your body enjoys the most.

Their richness in hydration and chemical-free formulas make them body-friendly and easily comfortable to use, especially for those with sensitive skin, allowing for the sex to be stress-free and as pleasurable as possible.

Many of them contain the highest quality ingredients that are guaranteed to enhance pleasure and satisfaction for both partners in sexual intimacy. Whichever brand you decide on, choosing a lubricant is the first step to maximizing the pleasure in your sex life.

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