Best Flavored Personal Lubricants

Flavored sexual lubricants can be a great way to boost your sexual experience and spice up your love life with a delicious treat. Often, people are hesitant to buy into the idea that lubricant can have a pleasurable taste.

However, there are many highly recommended flavored lubes that serve as personal lubricants while also providing a decent flavor; from refreshing fruit flavors to tropical twists, there is a mouthwatering treat for everyone.

All condoms are safe and chemical-free, purchasing these flavored lubricants can wildly enhance some of your intimate moments while providing passionate pleasure to your oral sex life.

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Here is a compiled list of top-rated, high-quality flavored lubricant brands that prove to be some of the best:

Aloe Cadabra Natural Flavored Personal Lubricant

Aloe Cadabra Natural Water Based Personal Lube, Organic Lubricant for Her, Him & Couples, Unscented, 2.5 oz Pina Colada, 2.5 Ounce (Pack of 1)
This organic Aloe Vera based lubricant comes in several flavors and scents for you to choose from: Pina Colada, Flavored Peppermint, Flavored Tahitian Vanilla and Scented Lavender. It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, it’s pH balanced, enriched with Vitamin E and as such it’s a great option for sensitive skin.

Aloe Cadabra lubricant doesn’t leave any stains, it’s free of parabens and glycerin, and you can safely use it with latex and polyisoprene condoms.

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Sasmar Piña Colada Personal Lubricant

Sasmar Pina Colada Lube, Flavored Personal Lubricant, Feels Natural, Paraben Free, 60 ML Pump
Sasmar Piña Colada flavored personal lubricant provides the taste of tropical piña colada along with a pleasure-enhancing, moisturizing lubricant that promises a WOW effect.

Designed to intensify intimate sexual activity between both partners with or without condoms and to supplement the body’s natural lubrication, this lubricant is long-lasting and fun with that extra tropical flavor to spice up your sex life and make you feel as though you’re having sex in paradise.

Who needs the beach when you’ve got piña colada flavored sex anyway?

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WET Body Glide – Sexy Strawberry

Wet Water-Based Flavored Lube for Men, Women & Couples, 1 Fl Oz (Sexy Strawberry) - Long-Lasting Premium Personal Lubricant Safe to Use with Latex Condoms - Gluten Free & Sugar Free
Sugar free and non-staining, WET Body Glide is a highly recommended edible lubricant that increases moisture and provides a kiwi strawberry flavor with no bitter after taste.

Typically said to be the perfect flavored lubricant for introducing or changing up oral sex for the first time, it is reviewed to be a great way to ease your partner into flavored, lubricated sex.

It stays slick and smooth, smells like strawberry, and leaves behind no residue with its clear and thin texture. Since it is a water-based lubricant, it is easily washable and less messy than the oil-based lubricants. However, this product may not be best for women with sensitive skin due to its glycerin content.

Despite this, the irresistible combination of the strawberry aroma and taste will have you yearning for more.

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Wet Flavored, Water-Based Personal Lubricant – Watermelon

wet watermelon lubeWet lubricants provide all the benefits of water-based lubes with a delicious, fruity flavor that leaves no bitter aftertaste. Its watermelon flavor makes it taste like candy, and it promises a silky smooth application that is colorless, stainless, and latex friendly.

Additionally, Wet Flavored Lubricants are sugar and color free, making them safe for full body exposure for women. This product can provide a juicy addition to the bedroom, with its surprisingly great taste that rivals a jolly rancher flavor.

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Sliquid Swirl Flavored Water-Based Lubricant – Cherry Vanilla

sliquid swirl lubeCombining a paraben-free, water-based lubricant with a delicious flavor such as in this product is the perfect formula for increasing sexual pleasure and comfort during intimacy.

It is sweetened with a bit of aspartame but has no sugar added to the formula. It is also hypoallergenic and vegan, which is great if you are looking for a natural feeling lubricant that is safe yet feels sensuous and sexy.

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ID Juicy Lube – Bubblegum Blast

id juicy bubblegum blast lubeIf you’re looking for something delicious and juicy, ID Juicy Lube offers flavored lubricant in bubblegum blast. As the world’s best-selling flavored lubricant, ID Juicy Lube does not disappoint in its bursting flavor and top-notch quality for pleasurable sexual intimacy.

ID Juicy also offers a variety of other flavors to try out such as big banana, passion fruit, tantalizing tangerine, fresh peach, lemon drop, luscious watermelon, piña colada, cool mint, and wild cherry. Not only does this product deliver in its savory flavor, but its all-around condom and toy-friendly advantage only intensifies its playfulness.

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Good Clean Love Cinnamon Vanilla Personal Lubricant

good clean love cinamon vanilaGood Clean Love is a great brand to use for safety and naturalness due to its 100% vegan and cruelty-free formula.

Recommended by medical professionals nationwide, this product does not contain harmful chemicals and is safe for use throughout pregnancy. In addition to this, the cinnamon vanilla taste provides a warm and sensuous flavor that perfectly matches sexy time.

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System Jo H2o Flavored Water-Based Lubricant – Juicy Pineapple

h2o pineappleThis product boasts the only water-based lube that has a nearly identical, slippery feel to silicone.

Its deliciously irresistible juicy pineapple flavor creates a playful time that is long lasting with no artificial sweeteners or bitter aftertaste.

Since it is vegan and gluten free, it is a safe and comfortable option that not only feels great but tastes great too.

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System Jo H2o Flavored Water-Based Lubricant Green Apple

System Jo H2O 1oz Flavored Lubricant Collection - 5 Flavors - Tropical Passion, Green Apple Delight, Banana Lick, Juicy Pineapple, Strawberry Kisses
Another delectable treat from the same brand, Jo H2O delivers in its slippery and viscous feel that mimics a silicone-based lube almost identically.

Manufactured under FDA guidelines, this product contains no artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals, making it even better to taste that delicious green apple flavor safely. Jo also comes in other flavors such as cool mint and vanilla cream.

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Sasmar Vanilla Personal Lubricant

SASMAR VANILLA Flavored Lubricant for Oral Use, Hypoallergenic Water Based Personal Lubricant for Men, Women & Couples, pH Balanced, Long Lasting & Paraben Free – Edible Lube for Him & Her – 2.3 OunceSasmar adds some flavor to your life with a sensuous vanilla taste that helps enhance pleasure and sensations in your sexual experience. This lubricant is pH balanced and manufactured without sugar, oils, or parabens, so it is safe for both men and women to use without risk of infection.

Made in France, Sasmar does not disappoint in its sensuality with its silky smooth feel that supplements natural moisture and helps lubricate vaginal dryness. FDA cleared, Sasmar is compatible with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane condoms.

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If you’re looking to increase the fun in the bedroom, flavored lubricants are a great way to add flavor to your sex life. Many of these flavored lubricants are water based, and in addition to providing a delicious surprise, are effectively safe and natural to use.

Investing in any of these deliciously flavored lubricants will undoubtedly satisfy your sexual needs and quench your sweet tooth with its many flavors of passion. This list of top-quality flavored lube brands is the perfect first step to taking your sex life to the next level in a sweeping, flavor-infused passion.

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