How To Remove Water-Based or Silicone Lube Stains

Ah, lube. It is incredibly useful, but boy does it stain like crazy…even the water-based lube. On this page, I will talk you through a few ways in which you can eradicate that lubricant stain once and for all. Obviously prevention is better than a cure (always stick down some towels if you are about to have sex and lube is involved), but if you just got caught up in that moment then these ideas are going to be brilliant for you (I hope!).

The following methods are best for water-based lube stains:

  • White Vinegar and Rock Salt should be right at the top of the list. Pour a decent amount of vinegar over the stain, some rock salt, and then wash everything off with some hot water and your favorite detergent. That lube should come off pretty hastily.
  • Windex: You should not be using Windex on a lightly colored fabric as it will stain. If you are working with a darker color, however, then the ammonia in the Windex will lift the stain right off the fabric. Due to the color of Windex, I really do not suggest that you use this method until every other one has been exhausted.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: This will completely clean the fabric. It will also disinfect it for you. This is obviously brilliant as bodily fluids are going to get mixed up with the lubricant and they are going to be huge breeding grounds for bacteria and the like.
  • Washing Liquid: Yep, the stuff that you use to clean your dishes and the like. This type of stuff will be absolutely marvelous for lifting those stains right off the fabric.

Silicone-Based Lubricants

Those silicone-based lubricants are going to be a lot tougher to remove than the water-based lubricants. You may need to try multiple options here to see which actually works for you:

  • Adult Toy Cleaner: This stuff has been made to clean adult toys (which often get coated in silicone-based lubricant), so this would be a good start. Often times, it will work and you will not need to try any other method. Remember, read the instructions carefully to make sure you do everything properly.
  • Laundry Stain Remover: This is the type of stuff that you use to spot clean your laundry when it is badly stained. If the adult toy cleaner did not work, then this almost certainly will!
  • In the washing machine: This is the only other method you can try. Obviously you want to be using a powerful detergent to make sure that each and every one of those stains is completely eradicated from the sheets. Not to worry, this method should work. If not, it will at least dull down the color of the stain to the point where it will be barely noticeable.

What methods have you used in the past to get rid of lubricants on your sheets? And no…covering up the stain with a pillow or another blanket does NOT count as a good stain removal technique.

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