How to Use Shea Butter the Right Way as a Sexual Lubricant

While organic shea butter is a safer alternative to lubricants with harmful ingredients, its use requires caution due to potential impacts on vaginal health and compatibility issues with latex condoms, making it more suitable for anal lubrication. Read on to learn more.


Lubricants have been known to heighten sexual intimacy because it can decrease vaginal friction and make anal sex easier and more fun to do. Not all lubricants are created equal, however, and some of them may be more harmful than good for you.

Is shea butter safe as a lubricant?

The organic kind is. In fact, it is a recommended alternative to lubricants that contain glycerine, which increases a lube’s osmolality or how much it has been dissolved in another substance.

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But because it is oil based, however, there are still downsides to using shea butter as a lubricant.

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It is categorized as wax that may contain petroleum or petroleum-derived ingredients that will stay in the vagina and impact its ability to replace vaginal skin all by itself. This is because the wax will coat your vagina’s skin’s surface, keeping it from breathing and performing its normal functions.

While shea butter in lotions and creams may soften skin, it may be harmful to the skin on your vagina.
Similar to petroleum jelly, shea butter may also contain impurities that are linked to cancer and other health conditions.

The trick, however, is to know how to use shea butter properly as a lubricant.

Shea Butter 101: Using It as a Lube

Use it properly

Although the incidence of side effects is low, many suggest that shea butter should not be used for any sexual act where it can go inside a vagina and coat the inner walls that are made of skin.

As previously mentioned, it can mess up the vaginal skin’s ability to breathe and replace the skin, so you should avoid using it internally, regardless if it’s organic or not.

But there is a trick to using shea butter properly as a lubricant and coating your vaginal skin with the goodness of Vitamin A.

What you need to do is to make sure that it completely melts into a liquid form before penetration. Avoid applying it directly on toys but rub it between your palms until the heat of your hands will melt the shea butter.

You can place the lube on the penis but make sure to rub it until it melts completely and become liquid.

Add your favorite scent

Processed and refined shea butter may not smell as strong as the raw kind but you still have an option to make it smell even better and more fun to use.

What you can do is to melt it in a pot and then add fragrant oils of your choice before it starts to coagulate.
Choose scents that are arousing or erotic, such as vanilla, black licorice, cinnamon, and citrus.

If you can find a way to add the smell of banana nut bread, popcorn, almond, or basil into shea butter, you should try them too. They happen to be naturally erotic as well.

Best used as anal lube

Use it as an anal lube instead. Oil-based anal lubricants are highly recommended because they last longer and can have a thicker consistency.

This means there is no need to reapply frequently.

Since shea butter is one such lubricant, it makes a popular option for anal lube, along with cocoa butter and coconut oil.

Following refinement process, the distinct aroma that raw shea butter has is eliminated, making it an ideal choice.

Use with non-latex condoms

While shea butter is advertised as latex friendly, you might not want to risk it. Most oil-based lubricants, after all, have a tendency to break down, thin, or weaken latex condoms.

Even when a product is labeled latex-friendly, avoid using it if it is oil-based. It is better to be safe than sorry.


In conclusion, organic shea butter offers a potentially safer and more natural option for lubrication, particularly in anal sex, but it’s crucial to use it with care and awareness of its limitations, especially regarding vaginal health and latex condom compatibility.

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