How Do Vibrating Condoms Work

As far as sensuality and pleasure is concerned, most couples – and condom manufacturers, for that matter – are willing to go the extra mile. Such is the case with vibrating condoms. You could say that these condoms are very clever innovations indeed. Nothing beats adding an entirely new feature that can drastically increase the pleasure attained by couples. Condoms, after all, are always accused of removing sensations from the intimate act.

What are Vibrating Condoms?

Vibrating condoms are interesting items indeed. These condoms are made differently because, in addition to the usual sack to cover the penis with, it also comes with a ring that can produce vibrations throughout the act. As a result, couples will experience a higher level of sensation and a more fulfilling intimate experience together.

The vibrating ring that wraps around the condom is powered by a small battery enclosed in a soft case. It works for as long as 20 minutes. The ring can be used with the condom, although there are vibration rings that are sold separately. Some people use those rings without wearing any condom.

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How Does a Vibrating Condom Work?

vibrating ring condomVibrating condoms work by giving partners some quivering pleasure as they go about the intimate act.

The sensations are compounded with every vibration that the ring in the condom provides. Such rings are made to go around the penis and are then turned on to create the vibrating effect. The battery is designed to last for around 20 minutes or so. You can simply turn the vibrator off to extend its life.

The vibrating condom is disposable, despite its additional feature. Dispose of it as you would a regular condom, vibrator and all. Most of the time, the condom will have become detached from the vibrator. These two things make up the major components of the vibrating condom.

How Is it Different from a Regular Condom?

The condom itself is no different. The same rubber is used to cover the penis, nothing more, nothing less. The condom is mostly made of latex rubber and it follows the standard size and shape. It’s the vibrator device that is made for it that’s special. The ring is included in the condom packet and it is there to improve the sensations experienced during the act.

Many men – and couples for that matter – are willing to try the vibrating condom just for the fun of it. It can be an entirely different experience for you too, so try to get a package sent to you discreetly today. Who knows, it might just be the product you’ve been looking for all along.

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