Securing Protection: An Exploration of Condom Cases

If you are carrying around condoms regularly, and you really should if you are sexually active as you never want to be caught shorthanded, then you absolutely must invest in some condom cases. There are a number of different reasons for this.

First and foremost, although condoms are incredibly stretchable, but they can still tear or break if not stored properly. They are obviously thin to maximize the pleasure of sex. If your condom breaks, you will be running the risk of pregnancy or a sexual disease. If you are carrying them around in your wallet without a care in the world, they are likely to start to tear, and it only takes a small tear to render them completely useless. Remember, these things are made of a very thin material, and if they are placed in your wallet, they are likely to start heating up and cause all sorts of problems. A condom case will help to eliminate the vast majority of these problems. Condom cases are not even all that expensive, which means you have absolutely no excuse not to be using them. They don’t even take up all that much space!

condom caseAnother one of the reasons why I tend to use condom cases, other than the fact that they help to keep the condoms in perfect condition, is the fact that they are fairly discrete. I know that the vast majority of us have been caught in a position where the condom just falls out of our pocket.

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In fact, I seem to recall a case in which this happened to a celebrity on the red carpet a few years back—Zac Efron. He was on the news for weeks and weeks because of this. Obviously, you are not going to end up on the news, but it is still going to be fairly embarrassing for you. Condom cases will save you from all of this, particularly if you purchase a case that is not actually shaped like a condom.

Condom cases can usually hold up to 2 condoms at once, which is highly beneficial because you never know how many times you may get lucky (or how long your lovemaking session will last)! As I have mentioned before though, the vast majority of condom cases are there to stop your condoms from tearing, or from simply losing their effectiveness. Yes, condom cases will cost you a few dollars, but the money that they cost you will still be a whole lot cheaper than dealing with a sexual disease or a kid!

Remember, condom cases are available in a variety of different styles and designs. You will want to choose the right one for you. For example, some people may benefit from a leather condom case, others from plastic or metal. I tend to prefer the latter simply because it provides a bit more protection for my condoms, but some people may prefer the stylist look of the leather; it looks great when you are out and about and looking to maintain an image!

Ladies would probably love this lovely condom case which comes with a mirror:

While guys may prefer this discreet condom tin.

We don’t really recommend carrying condoms in a wallet but this one comes with a hidden compartment where your condom is secure.

Need more ideas? Click here to browse more creative condom cases.

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