Dual Pleasure Condoms: More Headroom, Plus Ribbed or Studded

In the past, you pretty much had to a flip a coin with regards to who got the most pleasure when you wore a condom during sex. Heads, the man won and go more room for the head of his penis to move about; tails and the woman won, because it is opposite to heads. Her benefit was that she got a ribbed condom for her pleasure. You could not have the best of both worlds back then.

Things have changed now, though. Now you can have the best of both worlds. Let me introduce you to dual pleasure condoms.

Dual pleasure condoms are, as the name sounds, designed for twice the amount of pleasure. Firstly, they have been designed with headroom in mind. This means the male does not have to worry about the condom being tight around the end of his penis which can, of course, be pretty uncomfortable. The woman gets to enjoy ribs and studs on the exterior of the condom adding to her pleasure. So, basically, both of you are going to have a ton of fun in the bedroom. Yes, these condoms are slightly more expensive than other condoms on the market. However, as more and more companies start to add dual pleasure condoms to their repertoire, the price has come down drastically and will fall even further.

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There are dozens and dozens of different dual pleasure condoms available on the market. I want to dedicate the rest of this page to some of the most popular of them. Do not take this list as an endorsement of any of them, although they do tend to have the proper shapes and come from the reputable manufacturers. Instead, think of this as a list of the various options available when it comes to condom selection.

Dual Pleasure Condoms

CondomDescriptionWhere to buy
Durex Pleasuremax
durex pleasuremax
The Durex Pleasuremax dual pleasure condom has been designed for both the man and woman. This condom, however, is slightly different. With the Durex Pleasuremax, it is not a case of choosing between ribs or studs; instead, you get both of them.

This means you are going to get the ultimate amount of pleasure. In addition to this, the shape of the Durex Pleasuremax has been designed to match the shape of both the penis and the vagina perfectly. This leads to more pleasurable sex.
Lifestyles Wyld
This condom, just like the Durex Pleasuremax, has been designed to fit the penis and vagina perfectly. There are ribs along the length of the Lifestyles Wyld.

Unlike a few other dual pleasure condoms on the market, the Lifestyles Wyld actually boasts a reservoir tip at the top, and a fairly large one at that. In addition to this, the Lifestyles Wyld, just like most other condoms in the Lifestyles range, has a decent lubricant that really helps to enhance the sexual experience.

Update: this condom has been discontinued
One Tantric Pleasures
One Tantric Pleasure
This is a bit of an odd design compared to the other condoms on this list of dual pleasure condoms. This condom does not have ribs and the like. Instead, the pattern on the condom is of a ‘tattoo'.

This means that the feel up and down the condom is completely different, which enhances the sexual experience. There are three different designs of One Tantric Pleasures condoms available, and it might change the sexual experience depending on the one that you purchase.
Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy
stimulations ecstasy
As you go down the shaft of the Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy condom, the ribs get deeper. So, the further you get into the vagina, the more pleasure you are going to be delivering your partner.

The shape of the Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy is designed to be as roomy as possible. Some of the people who use this brand barely even notice that they are wearing a condom. The woman will know that you are wearing one, however; the ribs are pretty intense near the base of the shaft.

Update: this condom is now called TROJAN Stimulations Ecstasy
L. Do {Each Other} Good
L_do-good each other
This condom is from L., a boutique condom company that has really started to make strides in the world of condoms. These condoms are designed to be a bit more natural than standard condoms.

Anyone who has adverse reactions to glycerine or paraben in lubricants would probably do well with this particular dual pleasure condom.
One Pleasure Plus
The design of this condom is incredibly different when compared to the other dual pleasure condoms on this list. There are not ribs all up and down the shaft. Instead, the ribs just appear at the top of the condom.

The ‘pouch’ at the end is absolutely huge, too. This means that anybody who uses this will be looking forward to intense bouts of pleasure, both male and female.
Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy
trojan her pleasure ecstasy
This Trojan condom only has ribs near the base. The rest of the condom has a lot of space for the penis to move around. In fact, almost all of the condom is roomy, and your penis is going to have an absolute field day.

As you can guess, this is a Trojan condom, and that means it is going to be of high quality. You will enjoy using it.
KYNG Ribbed
kyng ribbed
This condom is for the larger men out there who still wish for the benefits of dual pleasure condoms. As you can guess from the name, it is ribbed up and down.

This condom is ideal for those males who find that there is not a lot of wiggle room in the standard condoms or other dual pleasure condoms that they are using.

Update: this condom is no longer available

Remember, if you wish to purchase dual pleasure condoms, you can’t expect to get it right the first time around. Every man has different needs. If you place an order, order a few different types of condoms so you can try them out and ensure that you get the perfect one for not only you, but for the lady in your life too!

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