What to Do if a Condom Got Stuck Inside

After great sex, you realize something horrifying– your partner’s condom got stuck inside you. If this happens, keep calm and don’t panic. This is actually a common scenario and happens to a lot of people.

And the situation can be rectified easily, too. Here are a few methods you can try to get the condom out safely:

The Lie Down Method

You should lie down on the bed, facing up, and then spread your legs apart. If there are no traces of the condom outside your body that you can carefully pull out, you have to feel it inside and take it out slowly.

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Take extra care so no part of the condom breaks and stays inside the vagina as you do this. Know that if this happens, you will have to see a doctor to help take out the remnant.


Another thing you can do if you are having difficulty removing the condom is simply trying to squat it out. If you aren’t able to get the condom out by lying down, try this squatting technique.

Plant your feet flat on the floor and use your quads to squat down in hopes of getting the missing rubber out of the vaginal canal. The change in position might cause the condom to come out easier if it isn’t lodged too far in there.

Get Better Access

If your partner’s condom comes off inside of you, it most likely is lodged near the top of vaginal canal near the cervix. In order to gain better access, trying propping one foot up on a chair and using your fingers to retrieve the condom. Don’t forget to wash your hands first, then stick your fingers inside and feel around to see if you can reach it.

You can also try maneuvering your legs to push it out if you can’t seem to reach it. Some recommend getting into the birthing position and actually pushing as if you’re birthing a baby. It sounds silly, but it’s effective and much better than a trip to the emergency room.

Ask Your Partner to Retrieve It

It might be embarrassing, but your partner might be in the better position to fish the condom out than you. His fingers might also be longer, which will work better if you just can’t seem to reach it.

What Next?

If you have succeeded in taking out the condom, be sure you cleanse yourself well and immediately take a morning-after pill.

This will decrease the possibly of you getting pregnant, as the contents of the condom could have slipped out while stuck inside you. There’s a huge possibility that semen has gotten out. Don’t take any chances.

What if you STILL can’t get it out?

If you run into any difficulty in removing the condom after several attempts, it’s time for a doctor to do it. Drive to the nearest hospital’s emergency ward and tell the attendants the situation.

Keeping the condom inside you for hours could lead to possible infection. If all attempts are made and you still can’t get it out, you must seek the help of a health professional.


A Condom slips from a man and ends up stuck inside a woman because it’s either too lose or too tight. Prevent this from happening again by wearing the kind of condom that fits your partner perfectly. Getting the right one is definitely the first step to enjoying deep intimacy together.


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