Does Dollar Tree Sell Condoms? Unmasking the Truth and Exploring Alternatives

Quality condoms continue to play a vital role in preventing unwanted pregnancies and reducing the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It is important to find a reliable store where you can easily purchase your preferred pack of condoms.

You might have wondered whether you can buy condoms at the Dollar Tree store. Well, recent videos on Youtube and TikTok would say YES, but it depends on the store.

Let’s explore when did Dollar Tree start to offer condoms and what kind of condoms can one find there.

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does dollar tree sell condoms

Has Dollar Tree Started Selling Condoms in 2023?

Dollar Tree is known for stocking a variety of goods, including personal, health, and beauty products.

When you visit their official online store, you won’t find condoms listed among the items they sell. And for many years, the store hasn’t been stocking condoms all over its branches.

However, recent reports suggest that there may be exceptions to their condom offerings.

When you visit social media platforms such as YouTube, Reddit, and TikTok, some users claim that of late you can find condoms at dollar stores.

In February 2023, a YouTuber from New York filmed Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Platinum condoms on the shelves of a local Dollar Tree store. This discovery sparked interest and speculation among viewers.

This rare find at Dollar Tree offers great value, priced at $1.25. However, it is important to check the expiration date when encountering such deals.

For instance, another YouTuber encountered condoms with an expiration date of approximately one year after purchase. If you come across these deals and decide to stock up on condoms, make sure you can use them before they expire.

Another TikToker spotted Lifestyles Sensitive Platinum Large at a Dollar Tree store.

So, does Dollar Tree sell condoms or not? The surest way of finding out the truth is by visiting the nearest Dollar Tree store near you.

Can You Find Condoms at Dollar Tree Online Store?

From Dollar Tree’s official online store, condoms cannot be found. However, it is worth noting that Dollar Tree’s sister company, Family Dollar, offers condoms on its website.

A 12-pack of Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive condoms, for example, is priced at $6.50.

In addition to Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, other dollar stores occasionally offer condoms. For instance, Canada’s largest dollar store, Dollarama, has reportedly offered condoms as well.

Various bargain hunter forums have mentioned instances of Dollarama selling Trojan condoms in their stores, such as the example of a Dollarama store in Richmond where Trojan condoms were priced at $4 per pack, as reported in a forum topic from 2019.

Why Don’t Stock Condoms?

Dollar Tree hasn’t come out clear on why they don’t sell condoms at their online store. But the same shop sells other related items such as ovulation and pregnancy test kits.

Given Dollar Tree’s range of personal items and health-related products, there remains a possibility that they may expand their product offerings to include condoms in the future. It is advisable to stay updated with any potential changes by keeping in touch with Dollar Tree.

How Do You Find Condoms in Prominent Stores?

Leading stores typically stock condoms in various sections. When visiting your nearest shop, consider checking the following probable condom locations:

  • Men’s personal items section, which often displays items like shavers, razors, and deodorants.
  • Pharmacy area.
  • Display shelf near the cash register.

There may also be a hidden location at the counter, where condoms can be accessed upon request.

If you are unable to locate condoms in a local store, do not hesitate to ask one of the staff members for assistance. Luckily, you don’t need any prescription or age limit to buy condoms.

What’s the Retail Price of Condoms?

The exact retail price of condoms may vary slightly from store to store. On average, a condom typically costs around one dollar. Most shops sell condoms in packs of 3 to 12 or more.

In many cases, purchasing condoms in larger pack counts is more cost-effective than buying them individually. Alternatively, you can compare prices between different shops and online stores.

Opting for a pack with multiple condoms also allows you to explore various varieties offered by different brands at an affordable price.

So, Does Dollar Tree Sell Condoms?

While Dollar Tree’s online store does not list condoms among their products, several discoveries of Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Platinum condoms at Dollar Tree stores suggest that there are exceptions to this.

However, these exceptions are not a regular occurrence. It is important to note that Dollar Tree may change its stance in the future.

In addition to the rare findings at Dollar Tree, other local stores, pharmacies, and online shops stock a wide variety of condoms to meet your needs and preferences.

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