Top 10 Varieties of Ceylor Condoms

Ceylor is a Swiss-based brand that manufactures condoms, sex toys, and lubricants. The company has been in the industry for almost 100 years.

It strives to make high-quality condoms packed in pods, which makes them quite easy to open. Instead of tearing, you can just peel off the wrapper to access the condom in the pod. One of its distinguishing marks is the OK seal (from the Quality Seal for Condoms Association) on each condom.

Besides, the products adhere to the European standard for condoms (EN ISO 4074). Furthermore, the Ceylor condoms have undergone rigorous tests to verify quality and 100% leak-tight ability. And that’s why they bear the CE quality mark.

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A large number of the Ceylor condoms are of natural latex quality. However, the brand also produces a few non-latex condoms.

Varieties of Ceylor Condoms

1. Ceylor Tight Feeling Hotshot

The tight feeling hotshot boasts natural rubber latex quality and silicone lubricant. It also possesses a length of 190 mm and a width of just 45 mm at the base. However, its thickness is 70 microns.

Considering it has a diameter of 45 mm, the Hotshot condom gives the tightest fit you can currently find on the market. Furthermore, it employs the flared or v-shape. Its smaller size enhances safety for those in need of a smaller condom because it won’t slip off at the height of excitement during intercourse.

Apart from its smooth walls, the Hotshot condom has no flavor. And like the standard condom, it features a reservoir tip. So if you aren’t well endowed and looking for a tight fit, try the Hotshot.

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2. Ceylor Thin Sensation


The Thin Sensation condom is made of natural rubber latex. As its name suggests, it supports intense closeness and sensation. Hence, it promises an extra sensitivity that’s closer to natural lovemaking.

Though thin, it meets the safety standards and is hence reliable. It has a length of 190 mm and a diameter of 53 mm.

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3. Ceylor Large (Das Grosse)

If the standard condom size feels uncomfortably tight on you, try the Ceylor large size. It boasts a length of 190 mm, a width of 55 mm, and a thickness of 70 microns.

Accordingly, its extra-wide base fits the well-endowed man. The natural rubber latex features no flavor, and thus you don’t have to worry about additives.

The Ceylor large comes in a straight edge shape and smooth texture. Its extra-wide base offers a relaxed and comfortable fit. Also, it features light lubrication and therefore gives smooth penetration.

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4. Ceylor Fun Pack


Sometimes you can be under budget yet wish to test different condom varieties. On such a ground, the Ceylor Fun pack becomes a viable choice.

The pack gives you assorted varieties of Ceylor condoms. Among them are the easy glide, thin sensation, extra strong, and even the flavored condom.

It’s a cost-effective method for acquiring all the condom varieties that the company offers. Hence, even if you didn’t know the one that suits you most, the package offers assorted tastes.

However, each condom in the package has a teat end and is transparent. The Ceylor Fun pack condom measures 190 mm long and 52 mm wide.

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5. Ceylor Non-Latex Ultra-Thin


For those who find discomfort in latex material, Ceylor provides the non-latex version. Instead of natural rubber latex, it’s made of polyurethane material.

But besides its non-latex quality, it’s also 50 percent thinner than the standard Ceylor condom. For that reason, it gives you an enhanced feeling of your partner during the lovemaking sensation.

Although it’s ultra-thin, it meets the required safety standards. Moreover, it has a teat end and silicone-based lubricant, making it much less likely to break.

However, it measures 190 mm long and 58 mm wide. The Ceylor non-latex ultrathin condoms are odorless and transparent.

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6. Ceylor Easy Glide


The Ceylor easy glide condom features 30% more lubrication than the standard Ceylor condom. For that reason, the extra lubrication gives it the easy gliding ability.

And the smooth penetration results in an intense and natural feeling-like experience. And it comes in the standard size of 190 mm long and 52 mm wide, so a substantial percentage of men can benefit from it.

It’s also vital to note that the Easy Glide condom is teat-ended and transparent in color. Besides, it also contains silicone-based lube.

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7. Extra Strong


Some people find pleasure in rough lovemaking sessions. For such people, Ceylor provides the Extra Strong condom. It possesses a sturdy design that can withstand prolonged and rigorous lovemaking.

So if you engage in protracted intercourse, you can count on the Ceylor extra-strong condom. It measures 185 mm long and 52 mm wide at the base.

For safety reasons, it has a teat end and a silicone lubricant. And just like the standard condom, it’s transparent.

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8. Ceylor Strawberry


Some people find extra delight in scented condoms. It’s for such people that Ceylor offers the condom with strawberry flavor. It employs silicone oil infused with a strawberry scent.

The strawberry-scented condom is of natural rubber quality. However, its measurement of 190 mm length and 52 mm width suits many people.

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9. Ceylor Gold


The Ceylor gold Condoms come in a length of 190 mm and a width of 52 mm. However, their unique feature is the spermicidal lubricant.

For that reason, they promise double pregnancy protection and carefree pleasure. Besides that, their quality is of natural rubber, and are teat-ended too.

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10. Extra Feeling


When you need a condom that gives an extra feeling of pleasure, consider Ceylor Extra Feeling. It uses the pearled condom surface to achieve extra stimulation and pleasure.

At the same time, the blend of teat end and silicone oil lubricant boost its safety. As for the size, it measures 190 mm in length and 52 mm in diameter.

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Ceylor is an established brand with a long history. Whether you need thin, large, or scented condoms, you’ll find them all from the list. Besides, each of the condoms is housed in an easy to open pod. So you don’t have to tear it off, but rather easily peel it open.

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