Have Condoms Gone Electronic as the Digital Condom Craze Hits?

The search for better things is a never-ending journey. Consequently, that holds true for condoms as well. Just recently, a prototype for the digital condom has been released. And it didn’t take the world a full hour to get thoroughly interested about it.

The digital condom concept revolves around a condom lined with electrodes to initiate a slightly shocking sensation. And such sensation is supposed to be pleasurable for the wearer. The initial reaction of consumers about this concept was divided. Some like it, others simply detest it.

However, the makers of the prototype, Andrew Quitmeyer and Firaz Peer of Georgia Tech, are not yet ready to release their invention to the market. For one, they have not yet decided if they should stick with using rubber condoms as a base, or create an entirely new condom using a sock-like material. Either way, the whole idea is to sensually shock the undercarriage of the penis once the condom is worn. What they have decided on instead is to call their creation as the Electric Eel.

As much as they wanted to push through with it, a series of setbacks is keeping them from doing so. First, it is clearly going to be difficult to put wires on a latex condom and then unroll it to fit the usual condom packaging. Unless marketed that way, this condom is not going to be as portable as it is supposed to be.

Second, it will be hard to create a power source that is small enough to fit the condom itself. Right now, the idea is to run a harness around the body for that purpose. However, everybody knows that’s not going to be comfortable. Unless of course, you’re going to use the condom alone.

But the ultimate question is, “Will it still work?” After attaching all the wires, the power source, the stimulator chip, and everything else, will the condom’s 99.9% protection still be assured? That’s what everybody wants to know. If the digital condom can’t protect its user or if the level of protection drops even a little, then just maybe, the idea of using a male vibrator is more preferable.

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