Gangnam Style Teaches Safe Sex

Just when you thought the Gangnam Style craze had gone too far, along toddles a health teacher with a brand new rip-off from the song. It is enough to make you go crazy right? Well, normal parodies of the song would be, in fact, the original is a parody in itself.

However, this version has a bit of comedic value, and it is true ‘laugh a second’ awesomeness.

This version of the song makes use of why we should be using the awesome ‘rubber glove of love’, and it goes into pretty fantastic detail about why we should do it. It is like sex education….with style.

The lyrics to this song weren’t written by a comedian though, oh no, instead they were written by Dr Jason Leong who works in the Emergency Department at Hospital Selayang in Malaysia.

Seems like the success has gone to his head a little bit though, he is looking to drop the medical profession together and get started in developing a comedy career. This shouldn’t be too difficult for him though, especially if more people pick up on this absolutely fabulous song.

It isn’t just the lyrics which are so great though. Have a listen to the song right now. Sounds musical right? Of course it does, but did you know that every single sound in this video was crafted from the use of condoms?

Why not try and make some of these songs on a quiet afternoon? I doubt you will even come close to the epicness contained in these few minutes of song. This certainly will be something that you are going to play over and over again.

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