10 Best Condom Commercials

Condoms protect their users and partners from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Despite the usefulness of the male condom, condom manufacturers have to fight against a culture that portrays them as promiscuous and unsatisfactory. To counter this culture and encourage use, condom companies have produced numerous hilarious commercials. Here are 10 best condom ads.

10: Trojan Condoms – be sure

Condom companies often portray the partners as heterosexual male and female couples. Condoms prevent diseases. Because they prevent diseases, they have uses for people of all sexual orientations.

9: Tulipan Condoms of Portugal

Once again, condoms have benefits for couples of all sexual orientations. Regardless of the sex of the partner, every male user should use a condom. This commercial from Portugal gives us some insight.

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8: Trojan Condoms – always keep them in your car

This funny commercial from Trojan will show you why it’s important to always keep your condoms in your car.

7: Durex Chocolate Flavored Condoms

Find out why this milkman is so popular among the ladies…and not only ladies.

6: Lifestyle Condom Get Ready for More Pleasure

Many people do not like to use condoms because they can reduce sensation. In fact, some condoms can actually heighten sensation. In recent years, condom manufacturers have focused on pleasure to get more people to use them. In this commercial, a young woman tests out her new home in preparation for some wild nights.

5: Durex For a Hundred Million Reasons

Durex produces this particularly interesting commercial by portraying a man alongside his sperm cells, which have quite the desire to get some action.

4: Zazoo Condoms Fun Sexy and Safe

This commercial embraces one of the best reasons to use a condom. It offers a lesson on the dangers of unwanted pregnancy.

3: Always Use a Condom

Men always have a variety of reasons to avoid using a condom. They complain about the sensation. Sometimes, they have pretty wild excuses that have no basis in reality.

ps. this one is not actually a condom commercial, but I like the message, plus it’s funny

2: Durex Squeaky Animals

In this commercial, Durex recognizes that people can blow up a condom and tie it off like a balloon. They also recognize that condoms can protect partners from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy. In this commercial, they combine these condom facts into an hilarious advertisement.

1: Hansaplast Condoms Pure Pleasure

The French have more sex than any other nationality of people on the planet. Obviously, it might be expected that they would create the funniest condom commercial.

So, those are our picks. Which one is your favorite?

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