Condom Size & Use Survey

We recently conducted a survey on a number of condom-related subject matters in an attempt to better understand our attendance and how we can better cater to their concerns.

We gathered a total of 310 participants from across 35 countries and asked them to fill out a simple five-part questionnaire, and in this report, we will be sharing and discussing our findings from that survey.

Our very first concern was in regards to the condom-size chart we have on our website. We intended to find out what the chart’s effect was on our audience, and whether or not it was able to guide them in their quest to find the perfect condom size.

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300 participants responded to this part of the questionnaire while 10 chose to skip it. We can only assume that those who chose to skip it had never attempted to use the size chart; hopefully, because they were already aware of their perfect condom fit.

Result 1

65% of responding participants indicated that the chart had indeed helped them find their perfect condom size, which was quite encouraging.

21% indicated that the chart had not been useful in helping them identify their perfect fit, while 14% percent didn’t know whether the chart had been useful to them or not.

21% did not find the chart useful perhaps because people come in a wide variation of penis sizes, while the range of condom sizes in the market tends to be far and in between.

Therefore, it is not unlikely that a person would fail to find a condom size that fits his exact dimensions perfectly.

Our advice here would be to try and find a condom size whose dimensions come closest to the individual’s dimensions as possible for the best functionality achievable under the circumstances.

On the other hand, regarding the individuals who did not know if the chart had been helpful or not; we are going to make a broad assumption in that they had not yet gone out into the market in search of a condom that fit their chart recommendation and, therefore, could not make a definite conclusion on the usefulness of the chart.

The second question we posed was in regards to what condom size each person needed according to the chart. Here, a total of 303 participants responded, while 7 chose to skip on to the next question.

Result 2Our findings were that 34% of the responding participants needed large condoms, 32% needed small/snug condoms, and 27% needed regular/standard condoms.

Only 7% needed other sizes, indicating that their penile dimensions may not have been catered for in the chart, which indicates that we may need to recalibrate the chart to fit a wider range of possible dimensions.

The next issue we presented to participants was in regard to their favorite condom brands. The question was possibly insufficient because it did not probe into the participants’ reasons for liking the brands that they chose.

Nonetheless, a total of 286 participants responded to this part of the questionnaire, while 24 chose to skip onto the next question.

Result 3Of the 286 responding participants, the results were as follows: 32% Trojan, 27% Durex, 16% Other Options, 15% Lifestyles, 4% Kimono, 3% Okamoto, 2% Caution Wear, and 1% Beyond Seven.

Those who fell in the ‘Other Options’ category either chose other brands not indicated above, did not have a preferred condom brand, or simply did not use condoms.

Result 4

In the last phase of our survey, we found it important to ask our participants what kind of topics they would like us to discuss on our website.

This, in our view, would shed some light on how we can better assist our audience and address their concerns more accurately.

This part of the questionnaire had the least number of responding participants with only 141 responses and 169 participants choosing to forgo the question.

Of course, each individual had a different concern, but one common theme was in regards to condom sizing.

Result 5

As predicted by our conclusion on the first question above, a lot of responses indicated that the individual had not found either a condom large enough or one that was small enough for his dimensions.

Another common concern from the responses was on condoms for uncut men; several individuals wanted to find out if there were condoms in the market specifically designed for uncircumcised men.

These responses, coupled with all the information that we gathered from the previous questions, gave us a lot of insight on the actual concerns of our audience, and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to share their responses and fill in the questionnaire.

We will take into account all the information gathered in this survey and tailor the material on our website to better suit the concerns on the ground, encouraging the increased rate of condom use by every individual.

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