Blowdom: Condom with Cannabis Flavor

If men are going to be perfectly honest, they will tell you that when it comes to spending time in the sack with a woman, they generally have some rather specific goals. One that lands at the top of the list is the good old blow job, yet it’s not always easy to talk your woman into. There are ways to sweeten the pot for her a little though, and we have the perfect solution if the woman you are with is a fan of weed.

The Blowdom is a condom that tastes like cannabis and will make her feel as though she is getting high while she goes low.

blowdom wrapperUnlike other novelty condoms, the Blowdom is actually safe to use as a contraceptive. There are some novelty items that you would not want to use in sexual situations for fear of them failing, but the Blowdom is made to meet the highest standards possible, which means you can use it with total peace of mind.

You get two Blowdoms in a single pack, so be ready to make a real night of it if your partner has cravings for the magical herb.

It should be noted that your partner will not get high off of the Blowdom, no matter how hard he or she goes to work on it. What they will get is a product that tastes like the real thing, thanks in large to a patented compound used on the rubber, and a penis that will look like the world’s biggest blunt.

The Blowdom is colored a lovely shade of green to give off that authentic weed look, and it’s up to you to fill it in a way that makes it look totally smokeable.

Each of the condoms measure 160mm in length and have a width of 52mm (average width), which means that most guys will be able to put it on comfortably. As mentioned earlier, the Blowdom has passed stringent testing that ensures it can be safely used as a contraceptive device and not just as a means to get your stoner partner to smoke some pole.

The condom is pre-lubricated, which means it’s also comfortable for your partner should you decide to take it to places other than the mouth.

The Blowdom is a fun little product that also works really well as a genuine contraceptive option. They are affordable, and with two in a pack you get some real bang for your buck. If you and your partner are fans of cannabis, then we think this would make a great addition to your bedside table.

However, we do suggest that you take your partner’s word for the authenticity of the flavor. Trying to find out on your own could lead to all sorts of potential backfire. Have fun, and smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

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