How to Get Free Condoms

Using condoms is an important way to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and also pregnancy. However, for many teens and college age kids, affordability and access to condoms may not always be available. The good news is that you can get free condoms from many different places; you just need to know where to look. Luckily, there are many options.


There are many charities who offer free condoms to people who inquire about certain topics, like HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and sexual health. Inquire to charities like Gay Men’s Health Crisis, AMFAR, National Minority AIDS Council, Elton John AIDS Foundation, the Magic Johnson Foundation, Africare, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Family Care International and many others. In fact, your local area might have different charities available that focus solely on education and prevention of AIDS.

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Activist Organizations

Since HIV/AIDS is still an issue, condom use is encouraged by many HIV/AIDS activist organizations. Nearly all of these organizations will offer free condoms, as well as information, counseling and advice for reducing your risk of contracting the disease during sex. Free HIV/AIDS testing is also available.

Since condoms protect a woman from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, any woman can go to their local Planned Parenthood and other women’s health organizations and get free condoms and loads of information on reproductive health issues.

Governmental Organizations

Your city, county, state or country likely offers some free health programs, including programs for reproductive care and sexual health. You can call or visit these governmental organizations to ask about free condoms. They will often offer some as part of a health check-up or other program.

High School and College Organizations

In high school, you can visit your nurse or teen health center to inquire about condoms, they will often have some available to give out.
Nearly every college or university will have some type of program or office where you can get condoms. Some fraternities even have condoms available for their members.


At events like concerts, fairs and other events, you can often find booths for many different organizations, including charities, activist organizations and others giving out free condoms. Check out your local AIDS walk or Planned Parenthood event for opportunities to get free condoms.

Free Condom Samples

There are now websites where you can get free condom samples, such as There are also options for getting free condoms by filling out a form, survey or other health questionnaire.

Wherever you get your condoms from, be sure to learn about their proper use. We wrote a lot on this topic, but you can also find many resources online that will help you use them to avoid diseases and problems.

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