Tips on Where to Store a Condom on the Go During the Summer

Summer is the traditional time for many people to head abroad and, ultimately, try to have sex. This is brilliant and all, but at least try to make sure you use protection! This means carrying around a condom whenever you can (you never know when you may be greeted with sex!).

Here are a couple of tips on where to store a condom whilst you are on the go during the summer months.

Condom case

condom case
We will kick start this list with the good old condom case. Condom cases are designed to be simple contraptions. They will keep your condoms protected from any damage that may befall them.

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For example, with a good condom case, you are going to make sure your condoms are not suffering from sun damage (a common problem during the summer!), they won’t get torn, and that the packaging won’t become damaged.

It is also a nice way to keep all of your condoms nicely packed together. In most cases, the interior of the condom case will also assist in ensuring that the condom packaging does not become wet, which can, of course, lead to all sorts of issues. Most condom cases will allow you to pack a couple of condoms in there, which means you are ready to go out partying!

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Condom Tin

condom tin
Next up on our list is a condom tin. The main purpose of a condom tin is, as the name suggests, to provide protection for your condoms. This is great and all, but it is able to do so much more than that. In fact, a good condom tin is going to act as a replacement for your wallet. In a good condom tin, you will be able to store your ID card, credit cards, and even your cash.

This means you can keep everything in one neat place. It also ensures your condoms are going to be on hand, no matter when you need them. After all, who leaves their home without cash and the like? Nobody!

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Condom Necklace

We are going for something a bit more stylish here, with a good condom necklace. Condom necklaces go right around your neck. On the end, they have a little condom pouch to store your condom.

This type of thing is going to be fantastic for when you are out there partying. Not only can you add a little bit to your overall style, but you are also going to be sure that you will never be far away from safe sex!

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Condom Envelope

condom envelope
These are more promotional items, but many people out there use them to store their condoms safely. They are made of card, which means they are going to provide a decent amount of protection for your condoms, but it will also ensure it won’t take up too much space in your wallet.

Or, you could always opt for a nice little packet with a funky ‘condom design’ on it. This means you are going to get to smile, both before sex, during sex, and after sex. Sounds great, right?

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Do you have anything to add to the list? Please comment below!

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