Biggest Condom Mistakes

Hopefully by now you should be more than aware of how to put a condom on properly. In fact, many people are. Despite this however, there is still a spate of people out there who are making the same mistakes time and time again when it comes to putting on condoms. In this article I want to run you through a few of them that a recent study highlighted.

The most frequent problems, as they noticed, included breakage, slippage and leakage of condoms. The first two problems are connected with using the right condom size, something that I’ve been writing about a lot in this blog.

Second common mistake is that many people are actually putting the condom on after intercourse has started, which means there is going to be no real protection from STDs. In addition to this, many people seem to be doing something completely pointless and removing them before intercourse has actually finished!

Another of the common mistakes actually occurs when the condom is on. Be honest, how often do you leave space at the tip of the condom for the semen to travel? If there is no space there, it will just slide down the outside of the condom, straight into the woman’s vagina! In addition to this, you will want to remove any air from the condom, this is only going to lead to a potential pregnancy. On the same subject, when applying the condoms, many people actually do not unroll them completely, which means the male or the female is not getting the right amount of protection, and no good is going to come of this!

Did you know that when removing the condom from the packet, almost everybody forget to check the condom for damage? Try to get out of this habit, it is going to be the best for you.

This survey did also highlight a number of other major points, for example, plenty of men attempted to reuse their condoms after use, but let’s be honest, you are too sensible to do that, right? In addition to this, you should always use a condom which has lubrication, otherwise it runs the risk of tearing during intercourse, and yes, you guessed it. That is going to lead to bad things!

So there you have it, some of the biggest condom mistakes. I hope you don’t fall into the category for either. You are only asking for bad things to happen if you do!

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