Funny Condoms For Those Who Love Cracking Jokes

Few condoms manufacturers identify and respect the need for some humor in the lives of couples who are nervous about making the next move! It is only apt that the manufacturers brought about something that will break the stress and loosen things up – funny condoms.

What are funny condoms? As the name rightly suggests, these condoms essentially consists of covers that have a humorous joke or a witty line on it. But how would that help in matters related to sex? Well, one of the major deterrents when it comes to sex is the build-up of stress. This stress may be due to various reasons. Some may be insecure of their bodies, others about their performance.

Such reasons will only make the night your loved one a disappointing experience. With funny condoms, things can be kicked off on the right note with a hint of humor that won’t really ruin the mood, but will most likely ease the tension. Funny condoms are ideal to be given as gifts! Imagine giving your partner a bunch of it on date night, with a request to have her open it only upon returning home – The night that follows will be nothing short of exhilarating. Women like classy men, and women love classy men who have a good and ‘naughty’ sense of humor.

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“If You Think I Look Good Now, You Should See Me in a Condom.”

For those who are clueless about where to find such ‘stress breaker’ condoms, the answer is simple – head online. A simple search will lead to umpteen online stores which sell hilarious and funny condoms! Right from Obama Condoms ‘Won’t break as easily as his promises’ to ‘Everyone loves a fatty’ condoms, the variety that will present itself online is endless.

The prices and the discounts on offer are also equally lucrative. The condoms are available in lubricant based and unlubricated forms. For those who are in the lookout for scented, ribbed or even dotted condoms, all of these are covered and are available in funny condoms packaging. This is certainly a must have tool for those who want to pull a ‘naughty joke’ on their partners!

At this time of the year these are particularly appropriate:
santa boot condom

St Patrick’s Day Condoms

st patrick day condoms

These condoms, as you can probably guess, are green. I mean, what better way to get into the St Patrick’s Day spirit than turning your penis green during sex? It looks awesome! These condoms are provided in a sort-of ‘lollipop’ format (don’t try to suck on them though). By this I mean that they look just like a standard lollipop. Quite a conversation piece I must say.

These condoms are not just green though. All condoms have a really cool slogan printed onto them. The ones you get are random. However, each of them is quite funny. They include:

  • Put On the Green
  • Four Leaf Cover
  • Kiss Me I’m Irish
  • Leprecondom – Wear With Pride

The condoms are constructed from Latex and come fully lubricated. They have a reservoir tip for your safety. Every condom has been hand packed to guarantee quality of the product. These really are unlike any other novelty condom on the market.

The wonderful thing about these condoms is that unlike other novelty condoms they are actually rated for safe sex. This means that you can actually feel confident using them! Try to grab these condoms as fast as possible though. By all accounts, they seem to be disappearing quite fast.

Novelty Condoms

Yes, such awkward and over the moon kind of condoms do help break the ice and ease out tensed individuals. This is a tried and tested method – to make your partner feel comfortable before getting into the act. Funny condoms and accompanying adult humor has been a good way of achieving this in a subtle yet invigorating manner!

An extension to this is the segment of Novelty condoms. What are Novelty condoms and who serves as the average consumer for the said product? As the terminology suggests, Novelty condoms can broadly be defined as unusual condoms with the intrinsic aim at aiding adult humor – an aid to a better sex life. There are a wide range of ‘extra-ordinary’ condoms that fall in this category.

large condomFor instance, take the Small Pecker Condoms available readily on Amazon. With a tagline that reads “Protection for the small guy”, the adult novelty item can be put to use in some crude adult humor, as a taunt or even as an invite.

Then there is the other end of the spectrum – Enormex. Emphasizing on the enormity of the condom, at 4” diameter, the condom really talks big on size! Also available are the condom shaped gummy candies and a plethora of products that go along these lines.

While some Novelty condoms play a functional role as well, take proper care and read the given instruction carefully to ascertain if the product can be used legitimately as a contraceptive tool or as a STD prevention tool.

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