Do Uncircumcised Men Need Special Condoms?

The outstanding requirement for reaping the best experience from condoms is finding the right size that fits you. This fact holds whether you are circumcised or not.

Therefore, the size and shape of the condom counts; length, width, and space at the head.

So, do uncircumcised men need special condoms? Not really. Any condom of correct size should work well. It all boils down to the penis size and personal preferences: there is more variety to that, and so condoms too.

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Hence, if you find that the standard-sized and straight-shaped condom doesn’t fit you properly, then you may need to try out other unique condom sizes and shapes.

Some people have found more enjoyment by either wearing tighter, extra headroom (flared shape), or extra-large condoms.

That’s why we bring you a unique collection of condoms that caters to men of different sizes, tastes, and preferences.

Uncircumcised? Here Are Some Condoms to Try Out

Extra-Large Condoms

MY.SIZE 60 mm, 64 mm, 69 mm

If you are a well-endowed man and looking for an extra-large condom to suit you, then consider MY SIZE a prime candidate. Its spaciousness ensures that you won’t feel undue pressure on your shaft yet still provides a snug fit.

And the best part is that it still offers you three different sizes to try out. That includes sizes 60 mm, 64 mm, and 69 mm. Hence you are more likely to find your secure fit.

Despite their bigger size, the extra-large condoms still offer the sensitivity needed to both partners and feel elastic in nature. Furthermore, it’s vegan and thus caters to a broader number of people.


  • It exists in three different extra-large sizes
  • Made in Germany to the highest safety standard
  • It has a faint scent
  • It’s vegan


  • Some claim it’s thicker

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Trojan Magnum XL

Some brands of condoms are labeled as extra-large, but in reality, they aren’t. That’s not the case with the Trojan Magnum XL. In length, it measures 200 mm (about 7.9 inches). At the base, it boasts a width of 58 mm. That makes it larger than the Vitalis Comfort Plus.

Therefore, men who require a large condom will find the Trojan Magnum XL a real asset. Though it’s extra-large, it maintains a thickness of 70 microns, feels smooth, and has sufficient lubrication. Accordingly, it slides in smoothly and still lets you feel your partner.

Moreover, if you aren’t a fan of flavored condoms, then you have more reasons to try out the flavor-free Trojan Magnum XL.


  • Smooth texture
  • Both wider and longer
  • Made of natural rubber latex
  • Non-flavored


  • It might feel a bit too thick if you’re used to using ultra-thin condoms

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Beyond Seven (Okamoto) | Mega Big Boy

Compared to most European and American-made large condoms, the Japanese Beyond Seven (Okamoto) | Mega Big Boy is thinner with the thickness of 50 microns. Thus, if other large condoms feel too thick, give this one a try.

In addition to featuring a large base width (about 57 mm), it also blends it to a flared hood of 75 mm. Moreover, it boasts a superior Sheerlon™ material that gives it an ultra-thin membrane without compromising sturdiness and sensitivity.

Though it’s of extra-large size, its tighter base means a snug fit on you and doesn’t come off accidentally.


  • Comfortable and flared shape
  • Very thin and thus very sensitive
  • Durable
  • Wide shaft and snug base


  • It has a more projecting scent

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Tighter/Smaller Condoms

If you find the traditional sized condoms loosely fitting, then here are smaller/tighter varieties that look promising.

GLYDE | Slimfit Strawberry

Some men need tighter fitting condoms. For such partners, GLYDE is the way to go. Its actual measurement is 170 mm long, 49 mm wide, and 0.060 mm thick. The super-thin membrane condom meets and even surpasses the international set safety standards.

Accordingly, it won’t compromise the feeling of your partner. The red-colored condom is available in different types. For example, you can get the colored, flavored, and ultra-thin, and vegan as your preference dictates.

Its smooth texture and pre-lubricated and thin state allow for easy penetration during lovemaking. Considering that it has a strawberry scent, it also forms ideal protection to use for oral sex.


  • High sensitivity
  • Smooth texture
  • Available in different types
  • Durable latex material


  • Some people do not like the strawberry scent

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If you have a thinner penis, the regular standard condoms may not fit you securely. MY.SIZE understands the displeasure that an ill-fitting condom brings in sex. For that reason, it gives you a condom width of 47 mm. Unlike some other brands, it doesn’t produce an overpowering rubber smell.

And the best feature about the latex snugger-fitting condom is that it stays true to its size. Also, it holds tight at the base hence minimizing the chances of it slipping off unnoticed. Though you’ll experience a slight loss of sensitivity (and all condoms do), its thinness and latex quality are just up there.


  • True to size
  • Also available in size 49 mm
  • Tight fit even at the base
  • Very thin and pleasure sensitive


  • Some people find it hard to locate their true size

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Lifestyles Snugger Fit Condoms

Lifestyles Snugger Fit condoms form one the most common snugger fitting condoms. One of its unique features is that it holds tight at the base but gives slightly more space in the headroom. When you compare it to ordinary condoms, it’s not only narrower but shorter too.

The condom has a nominal width of 49 mm, anatomical shape, and boasts a length of 180 mm. Since it employs a thickness of 0.070 mm and has a contoured head, it promises greater stimulation leading to more pleasure.

An overpowering scent displeases many people. Fortunately, the Lifestyles Snugger Fit Condoms boast a low latex scent.


  • Pleasure shaped and ribbed at the head
  • Made of premium quality latex
  • Narrower and shorter compared to standard models
  • Holds tight at the base


  • Thicker at 0.070 mm

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Extra Headroom Condoms

ONE | Pleasure Plus

Some men prefer more headroom-sized condoms that you can’t find in the standard types. That may count if you are a man who has a bigger penis head and need a little more space at the pouch.

For that reason, the scientifically engineered ONE | Pleasure Plus is worth investing in. Apart from the extra space at the head, it has features that boost pleasure in both parties. For instance, its roomy head has fine internal ribs.

Hence, during the back and forth movement of the penis, the ribs gently create a stimulating effect. In terms of dimension, it measures 180 mm long, 53 mm wide, and is 0.078 mm thick.


  • Roomy pouch
  • The fine ribs that gently strokes
  • Made to international safety standard
  • Adequately lubed


  • Some people find the extra headroom overemphasized

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Vitalis Comfort Plus

The Vitalis Comfort Plus is a regular-sized condom with extra headroom. Therefore, if you have a taste for extra room at the hood, then it’s a prime choice to consider.

The extra space ensures that you feel comfortable even if you have a large tipped penis. At the base, it measures 180 mm long, 53 mm wide, and is 70 microns thick.

Using a latex-based material, Vitalis designs smooth and unflavored condoms that are sugar-free, thus have a very minimal to no chance of causing infection. Since it is electronically tested and CE certified, you can count on its quality.

Depending on your wish, the extra roomy condoms exist in packs of 6, 12, 24, and 50 condoms.


  • It has no flavor
  • CE certified quality
  • Smooth texture
  • Sold in various packs


  • It’s only slightly larger than the standard condoms

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ONE | Tantric Pleasures

Otherwise called the ONE | Tattoo Touch, it presents a flared shape. As a result, it’s easy to wear and feels more comfortable for men with thick penises. Besides the pleasure shape, the ONE | Tantric Pleasures has a tattooed surface.

The tattoos give it a textured feeling, thereby even causing a more stimulating effect. Its length of 188 mm is slightly longer than ordinary condoms. At the base, it gives you a snug-fitting width of 56mm and a more accommodating head of 62mm.

Owing to its thickness of 0.075 mm, the tattoo-inspired condom isn’t too thick to cut down the ability to feel your partner. Overall, the pleasure shape blended to enhance texture makes it more exciting to use.


  • Pleasure shape and size
  • Easy to roll on and unroll
  • Tattoo textured surface


  • Wished the texture could be increased slightly

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Regular Sized Condoms With a Straight Shape

Okamoto 004

Most men find regular-sized condoms fit perfectly. One such reputable straight standard size condom to consider is the Okamoto 004.

The latex-made Okamoto condom is semitransparent and ultrathin. Besides, it also features no flavor and hence may suit many people.

It measures 190mm long, 54mm wide, and it’s 0.004mm thick. That makes it one of the thinnest brands that are available in the US. Wear it, and you’ll hardly feel it; almost nothing.

Therefore it boosts your feel of your partner and pleasure too. The straight shaft and smooth texture also give the Okamoto 004 an enhanced performance.


  • It’s ultra-thin so it maximizes pleasure
  • Has no flavor
  • Reputable brand
  • Quality latex material


  • Slightly more expensive

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While many uncircumcised men will find regular, straight-shaped condoms perfect for their needs, some have found greater comfort and pleasure from flared shape condoms. However, it’s vital to consider the length and, especially, girth of your penis to know the correct condom to buy.

Hey, it’s okay to use a measuring tape and ruler to have a rough idea of the right condom to match you! After all, the reward is worth the investment; try it with any of the above samples.

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