Beyond Seven Sheerlon Latex Condoms: Regular, Aloe Enriched, Large and Studded

Unlike other condoms in the market, Beyond Seven is made of Sheerlon, a technologically advanced latex that is tougher and more durable but allows for a construction that is thinner than the usual latex condoms.

Yes, not only is Beyond Seven stronger but also thinner. The perfect combination where contraception is concerned. It’s the perfect solution for when you prefer to feel like there’s nothing that stands between you and your partner, while still protecting yourself against unwanted consequences.

What is Beyond Seven made of?

As previously mentioned, the condom is made of Sheerlon, a thin material that is strong and durable. At around 0.05 mm thickness, it is quite thin. Maybe it’s not something to brag about when you compare it to the newer generation of Japanese ultra-thin condoms, but if you compare it to regular condoms which are around 0.07-0.08 mm thick you can definitely see and feel the difference.

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Without the thickness, skin to skin is a sure experience. What is even better is that the material has a silkier texture and a more natural feel.

How Many Varieties Are Available?

Beyond Seven Sherloon Latex Condoms comes in several interesting varieties: ultra thin, studded, aloe enriched, crown and mega big boy. They are available in different colors that represent each variety. It’s not only the wrapper in a different color but also the condom itself. Light blue color for Ultra Thin latex, Green for Aloe Enhanced, pale blue for Studded, and pink for Crown.

Here are more details about each one of these and their sizes.

Beyond Seven Sizes

As you’ll see below, Crown condom has a regular size, Mega Big Boy is larger than average and Ultra thin, Studded and Aloe enhanced feature a snugger fit with their width being slightly narrower than of a regular condom.

Beyond Seven Studded

beyondsevenstudded85Beyond Seven Studded features both textured dots and ribs for added sensation and stimulation.

If you and your partner are looking for a fun, unique, and interesting time, Studded makes an excellent choice.

Length: 7.28″/185mm
Width: 2″/ 50.8mm
Thickness: 0.06mm

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Beyond Seven Aloe Enriched

beyondsevenaloeLubricated with Aloe, this variety is designed to help ease whatever discomfort or pain you or your partner might feel during sexual intercourse.

The same lubrication adds up to the excitement as well, so you might want to get Aloe Enriched.

Length: 7.28″/185mm
Width: 2″/ 50.8mm
Thickness: 0.05mm

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Beyond Seven Ultra Thin

beyondsevensheerlon85Okamoto, Beyond Seven’s manufacturer, knows that super thin may not be enough, so they made Ultra Thin, which is touted as “The Closest Thing to Nothing At All”. What more can you ask for?

With a length of 7.25-inches long, many believe that the name Beyond Seven originated from this. It’s slightly shorter and narrower than the Crown Skinless Skin condom from the same manufacturer, but has the same straight shape.

Length: 7.28″/185mm
Width: 2″/ 50.8mm
Thickness: 0.048mm

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Beyond Seven Crown

crown skinless skinBeyond Seven Crown is the crown jewel of the bunch, featuring super thin and sensitive texture.

It’s the perfect choice for when you want to enjoy the same sensation of bare skin contact, but without the risk of STD or unwanted pregnancies.

Length: 7.50″/190mm
Width: 2.05″/52mm
Thickness: 0.046mm

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Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy

mega big boyLonger and wider than other varieties, made for those who need a larger condom. Also a bit less thin, at 0.065 mm thickness. Read this post if you’re not sure what kind of condom size is perfect for you

Thickness: 0.065 mm
Length: 7.87″/200mm
Nominal Width: 2.24″ /57mm
Head Width: 2.83″ /72 mm

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Level of Sensitivity

With a thinness of 0.0019 inches or around 0.05 mm, bareback feeling and high sensitive are two things you and your partner would definitely feel. Lubricated lightly with a water-based lubricant, comfort is also guaranteed. You can get the deed done with confidence and without feeling the thickness that comes in between.

The stretchiness of the condom makes it possible for the sheath to go with the erection’s ebb and flow and create a skin-to-skin feeling. Beyond Seven “hugs” the penis, giving the illusion that you are wearing nothing at all.

If you’re looking to do the deed bareback without the risks, try Beyond Seven Sheerlon condoms. Because it is formulated from latex, people with latex allergy should consider using something else. And although it is lubricated, use of additional water-based lubricant is recommended for added fun and pleasure during sexual intercourse.

If you can’t take it to 10, go Beyond 7. Enjoy pleasurable sensations and ensure your partner’s comfort at the same time.

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