Buying Condoms in Mexico

Being in another country can be an amazing experience. Maybe you are there on vacation, work, or a mission of sorts. Doesn’t matter the reason but while there, fun can be had, and safely.

In many countries, it’s really easy to run to the corner store and pick up a pack of condoms to protect yourself and your partner when engaging in sex.

If you’ll be visiting Mexico you might wonder what are the local places where one can purchase condoms. What kind of condoms can you find there and what are their sizes? Read on to find out.

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Ordering Online


If you prefer buying condoms online you can purchase them from Amazon and have them shipped directly to you.

Amazon launched their Mexican website ( in 2015 and since 2017 they also offer Amazon Prime, which will be a worthy investment if you’re staying there longer.

Prime members staying in the capital can even take advantage of the same-day delivery.

Amazon will also take cash deposits in local stores Oxxo (read on). One reason this might be useful is if your debit card or credit card is suspended until you can contact your local bank to advise them that you are in fact in another country.

Lucky Bloke

Another option is to order condoms from a US based store Although the shipping rate will be longer (typically between 6-10 days for international orders), you can expect a much superior condom range to what’s available on Amazon. They also offer free shipping on all orders over $29.

Oxxo or 7-Eleven

Two major convenience stores in Mexico and they are also able to work with you to get products from Amazon [1]. Both stores will take cash and add it to your Amazon account and Oxxo also does package pickup which is where you can get your package delivered to your local store and pick it up from there.

Oxxo has roughly 18,000 stores in Mexico which means you can probably find them relatively close to where you are. 7-Eleven is not as prominent with only around 1,800 stores [2], however, one might be closer than the other to where you are located and having options is important.

Condoms section in Oxxo store in Mexico City

Condom Aisle in a Pharmacy in Mexico City

Condoms section in Oxxo store (Mexico City)

Pharmacy in Mexico City


Like in most other countries, pharmacies in Mexico will also sell condoms. Some of the biggest pharmacy chains are Farmacias Similares, FEMSA Health Division, Farmacias Guadalajara, Farmacias del Ahorro and Farmacias Benavides (source).

DKT Red Clinics

DKT makes its own condom brand, Prudence, and it has become one of the best selling brands of condoms in Mexico.

Their initial plan was to stock supermarkets, pharmacies, and big box stores with condoms to make them more readily available. They now have a network of clinics around Mexico, which you can find at the link below. [3]


For those who want to get the bulk pack without waiting for shipping, Costco is also available in Mexico.

There is a convenient travel guide On the Road in Mexico[4] that lists all of the locations by area such as The Baja, Mexico’s West and Gulf Coasts, the Interior as well as the Yucatan. This makes it easy to locate a store where you are.


Walmart is the largest retailer in Latin America so you can guarantee that you can find one. They are not all called Walmart specifically but you can find one of their over 2,400 locations under the additional banners of Superama, Sam’s Club, Bodega Aurrera, Mi Bodega Aurrera, and Bodega Aurrera Express.

Knowing what the stores are called can help you locate one. Walmart’s App will most likely be your best bet to locate a store near you.

Condom Sizes in Mexico

Below you will find a condom size chart with some popular brands that you can find in Mexico. I’ve also included few options which you can order online from as the variety of condom sizes is really not that great there, especially if you need a snugger fit condom.

Condom (Preservativo)Width (Anchura)Length (Longitud)Details
(Dónde comprar)
Ceylor Hotshot
45 mm190mm
LifeStyles Snugger Fit
lifestyles snugger fit
49mm178 mm
Durex Profam
Durex Profam
52 mm178 mm
Durex Extra Seguro
Durex Extra Seguro
52 mm178 mm
Prudence Neon
Prudence Neon
52 mm160 mm
Sico Invisible
Sico Invisible
52 mm185 mm
Condones M Texturizados
M Texturizados
52 mm190 mm
Condones M Force + Multi O
M Force
52 mm190 mm
Playboy Condoms Mix & Play
Play Boy Mix and Play
Trojan Fire and Ice
Trojan Fire & Ice
Durex Retardante
Durex Retardante
52 mm205mm
Trojan Pleasures Extended
53 mm200mm
Trojan Ultra Thin
53 mm193 mm
LifeStyles Skyn Elite
Skyn Elite
53 mm190 mm
Trojan Condón Piel Desnuda
Trojan Piel Desnuda
54 mm160 mm
Trojan Magnum
54mm200 mm
Trojan Magnum Ecstasy
Trojan Magnum Ecstasy
54 mm205 mm
Trojan Condón Ecstasy Texturizado
Trojan Ecstasy
Sico Sensitive
Sico Sensitive
Sico Mutual Climax
Sico Mutual Climax
56 mm190 mm
Sico Real Feel
Sico Real Feel
Sico Safety
Sico Safety
56 mm205 mm
Sico Play Dame Placer
Sico Dame Placer
Pasante King Size
pasante super king
60 mm200 mm
My.SIZE 69mm condom
69 mm(223 mm


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