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Billy Boy Condoms is derived from Germany and is currently represented as Germany’s #1 condom brand. Emerging from Fromm’s Act Condoms, which serves as one of Europe’s most trusted condom companies now distributed worldwide, Billy Boy is a reliable condom brand which guarantees maximum comfort and safety.
This German condom is made with 100% superior latex and is hand dipped, meaning it was created through a dipping process that makes it unique to its counterparts.

German Condom Engineering

Billy Boy Condoms offer a modernized twist on condom design, which sets it apart from other major condom brands such as Trojan and Durex. Its all natural premium latex provides a natural feel that is comfortable and ensures reliability. Billy Boy Condoms are also electronically pretested to exceed regulatory safety standards, so it’s guaranteed that they are providing quality products. Now that Billy Boy is sold in America, the reliability and ensured safety (tested to meet strict German standards) that makes it a quality product is available to you.

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Billy Boy Condoms are designed to be durable and smooth, but also to promote increased sensitivity and a natural feel. They are made with specialty natural latex and are transparent in color. The thickness of their condoms varies from 0.06 mm (Billy Boy Extra Thin) up to 0.1 mm (Billy Boy Special Power). All Billy Boy condoms come with a roomy reservoir tip and are silicone based lubricated which ensures a smooth and slick experience.

Billy Boy is a devoted brand, with products that include a full range of different condoms, novelty toys (for example Lay-on massager, Love balls and a vibrating ring), and sexual lubricants.

Different features and styles

Billy Boy also offers some special features such as a special contour that has a special ring which helps a man maintain an erection for a longer amount of time. Another condom from their selection contains beads textured to add extra sensation. The extra sensitivity that Billy Boy creates in its design provides an added titillating and pleasurable experience. The variety pack gives you the opportunity to try several of the different ranges that Bill Boy offers, allowing you to decide which one you like the best.

Billy Boy Condom Sizes

Like with majority of condom brands, a variety of condom sizes is definitely an area which could be improved. Although they don’t display condom dimensions on their US website, they do display it on their European websites. Most of their condoms come with a 52mm nominal condom width, except for their extra large condom which has a 55mm nominal width and some extra headroom. In the US they offer 8 different condoms and a variety pack. You can see a full range of their condoms listed below, together with their sizes and short descriptions.

Billy Boy Condom Size Chart
CondomNominal Width (+- 2mm)LengthDescriptionBuy
Billy Boy Beaded
billy boy beaded
52mm / 2.05 in175mm /6.89 inThis condom comes with over 500 raised micro-dots+ Beads for extra stimulation. details
Billy Boy Special Contour
special contour
52mm / 2.05 in175mm /6.89 inThis condom seems really unique as it comes with a special built-in base ring which serves as a gentle cock ring. It's also closer just below the head for extra sensitivity. details
Billy Boy Extra Thin
extra thin
52mm / 2.05 in175mm /6.89 inTheir thinnest condom for more sensitivity. Straight shape; lubricated; details
Billy Boy Special Power
special power
52mm / 2.05 in175mm /6.89 inOne of the thickest condoms with a 0.1mm thickness guarantees extra strength and safety. details
Billy Boy Extra lubricated
extra lubricated
52mm / 2.05 in175mm /6.89 inAs the name suggest this latex condom comes with extra lubrication details
Billy Boy Variety Pack
variety pack
52 - 55 mm / 2.05 - 2.17 in175mm /6.89 inThis variety pack includes these condoms:
2 X Special COMFORT
2 X Special POWER
2 X Beaded
4 X Extra Lubricated
Billy Boy Special Comfort
special comfort
55mm /2.17 in at base
62mm /2.44 in at head
175mm /6.89 inExtra space, especially at headroom for more comfort. details
Billy Boy XXL
billy boy xxl
55mm /2.17 in at base
62mm /2.44 in at head
195mm / 7.68 inTheir widest and longest condom. details

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