What are the Latex Condom Alternatives?

For some men who can’t use latex condoms for reasons like allergic reactions, they need alternatives so they’ll be fully protected during intercourse.

Switch to the other types of condoms available in the market today and use them properly. That can be the easiest solution to a man’s allergic woes.

The latex condom alternatives are:

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1. Polyisoprene Condom

lifestyles skin condomThese condoms are just like the latex condom, without the proteins present in the latter that can cause allergic reactions. Polyisoprene is primarily synthetic latex, a product that is relatively new in the market.

Polyisoprene can be stretched much better and is more resistant to breaking. They are slightly thicker than latex and fits fairly well. Here are two suggested polyisoprene condoms: Lifestyle Skyn and Durex Avanti Bare.

2. Polyurethane Condom

The polyurethane condom is the more popular latex condom alternative. This one is made from special plastic and works two ways – prevent pregnancy and reduce instances of STD. The polyurethane used in this condom is much thinner than latex and is less elastic.

It is not as form-fitting but works just as well. When men are asked to compare the sensations they get when using a polyurethane condom and a latex condom, they say that the former gives them a better experience.

3. Lambskin condoms

Trojan Natural LambLambskin condoms are yet another good alternative to latex condoms although it is not as effective. This particular condom is made of sheep cecum and is very thin. The material is somewhat porous, making it somewhat ineffective against preventing STD’s.

4. Female condoms

If there are condoms for males, there are condoms for females as well. This can be the best alternative to all the type of condoms that men wear. So if your man can’t wear a condom, the woman can.

Female condoms are inserted inside the vagina. It has two flexible rings on each end. These days they are produced from nitrile, a synthetic latex which doesn’t cause allergies. In the past they were made of polyurethane.

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