Condom cases

Condom cases are a great product for any man to have. They allow safe and secure transportation of something as important as condoms. Male contraception is thin and delicate and can be damaged very easily, so it is important to keep it protected. Condoms are important as they protect against disease and unwanted pregnancy. Even the smallest hole or perforation can render the condom useless. Guys, you know you can’t just toss it in your wallet, we’ve all heard that, and it isn’t so practical to put it in your jacket pocket, let’s face it, we don’t want EVERYBODY to know we have them. A case is a safe, easy, confidential way to keep your condoms from getting damaged, and to keep you from any ‘surprises’ later. I’ll be using these cases in the future! I don’t see any reason to risk disease and pregnancy, and have no problems carrying a small, pocket sized case with me when I think I’ll get lucky.

Just In Case Condom CompactTheir subtle look also helps, so if it falls out of your pocket, or is found by someone else, it isn’t openly obvious what it is, and for those of us who don’t want it to be publicly known that we carry condoms, this is a great thing. You’ll never have to worry about any holes forming in your oh so precious condoms if you take the time to put them in a case and keep them protected. Hey, why not, right? Who really wants to wake up with an itch or worse yet, a child on the way! Protect that which protects you and buy yourself a condom case. At very least, it’ll always be there when you most need it! So next time you’re planning on getting lucky, throw your jimmies into a condom case and toss it in your pocket.

Condom cases come in many different designs and they can be made from plastic, leather or some other material. Ladies would probably love this lovely condom case which comes with a mirror:

condom case

While boys may prefer this discreet condom tin.

Global Protection Condom Tin

Need more ideas? Click here to browse more creative condom cases.


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