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In the Condom Sizes post I’ve presented a short condom size chart with just several condoms in each size category.

I’ve broaden these categories with much more condoms, and I’ve added additional comments and dimensions for each condom. This should help you in choosing the perfect one for you.

So, without further ado, here it is – a detailed condom size chart.
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Condoms come in different sizes and choosing the perfect fit for you will increase both comfort and their effectiveness in protecting you from Sexually Transmitted Diseases. If the condom is too tight it may broke, and if it is too loose it may slip off. So, the better your condom fits, the safer your sex is. This article and this site will try to help you in choosing the best fit for you.
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Condom Cookbook Released In Japan

condom cookbook

Japan is often known for unusual and offbeat things like television, food and pop stars. So when you read something about a condom cookbook actually being a real thing, well, your first thought might be that it can only happen in Japan. You would be right. A manga writer, known for her work on the […]

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Best Lubricants against Yeast Infection

lubes against yeast infection

Lubricants can be a vital part of a healthy sex life. A good lubricant can increase sexual satisfaction and generally make sex easier and more comfortable for both partners. However, lubricants are not without their problems. Some women can experience yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis after using some lubricants. The vagina contains very delicate and […]

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Who Produces the Thinnest Condom? – Thinnest Latex Condoms Dispute

ultra thin condoms

There’s a war brewing in East Asia these days. No, no one is expecting China to invade Japan or vice versa, instead there’s a war between the two countries about who is actually producing the world’s thinnest condoms. Both Japan and China are home to companies which specialize in manufacturing condoms. In fact, these companies […]

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Condom Calculator – Find The Best Condom For Your Size

condom calculator

This condom calculator helps you find the most appropriate condoms according to your penis circumference. You can also filter the results by condom length, width or material, which will be useful for those who are looking for a special kind of condom (eg. non-latex condom of a certain size). If you don’t apply any filters […]

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Regular Condoms Too Small for Ugandan Men

regular condoms

In the small African country of Uganda, politicians, police and health workers have been flooded with complaints from Ugandan men of all ages. Their complaint is that the condoms that are available to them are simply too small for their penises. This is a critical issue since Uganda has been faced with a difficult battle […]

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What to Do If Your Condom Keeps Slipping Off

condom slipping off

Have you ever experienced your condom slipping off during sex? It’s a much more common problem than you might think. It can also be quite embarrassing. Not to mention that it can certainly kill the mood if your partner has to put their fingers inside themselves to try and find and remove the condom. There […]

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Using Condoms and Diaphragm – what you need to know

Condoms and Diaphragm

While most people know what condoms are and what they do, many people are less familiar with the diaphragm. So what is a diaphragm? It is a small, shallow cup made of silicone that is inserted into the vagina before sex. The purpose of the device is to cover the cervix and the opening to […]

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Non-Toxic, Natural and Chemical-Free Condoms

natural organic non-toxic condoms

For the many people who care about the environment and their health, it’s great news that there are now many options for addressing these concerns in the bedroom. Now, with the availability of natural, chemical free and non-toxic condoms, you can enjoy sex while still making a smart choice for you and for the planet. […]

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GLYDE – Certified Ethical, Vegan & Fair Trade Condoms

glyde condoms

Condoms are a lifesaving personal care product which has made it possible for people to enjoy sex with less worry about the risks of unplanned pregnancy and contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms made of rubber, invented by tire manufacturer Charles Goodyear, have been widely available since the mid-nineteenth century. Over the past few decades, condom […]

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Why You Should Consider Vegan Condoms

vegan condoms

Vegan condoms might seem like a new and innovative concept, but they are not new at all. In fact, vegan condoms were first developed twenty-five years ago when veganism was practiced by only a small percentage of the population. With the vegan diet and philosophy becoming more main-stream, there is a growing interest in personal […]

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