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In the Condom Sizes post I’ve presented a short condom size chart with just several condoms in each size category.

I’ve broaden these categories with much more condoms, and I’ve added additional comments and dimensions for each condom. This should help you in choosing the perfect one for you.

So, without further ado, here it is – a detailed condom size chart.
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Condoms come in different sizes and choosing the perfect fit for you will increase both comfort and their effectiveness in protecting you from Sexually Transmitted Diseases. If the condom is too tight it may broke, and if it is too loose it may slip off. So, the better your condom fits, the safer your sex is. This article and this site will try to help you in choosing the best fit for you.
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What to Do If You Notice Blood in Your Semen

Blood in Your Semen

There are few things scarier than seeing blood in your bodily fluids. It can be scary, worrying and traumatic. When blood appears in your semen, it can seem especially scary. This condition is called hematospermia. However, in most cases, it isn’t something serious. While it is uncommon, it usually goes away after one occurrence. Read […]

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How to Tell Your Partner You Have an STD

How to Tell You Have an STD

If you’ve been told by your doctor that you have a sexually transmitted disease, you might think your sex life is over. Maybe you’ve sworn off dating forever or maybe you just want to avoid intimacy. This a natural response to having an STD. The fact is, your sex life is not over if you […]

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Best Condoms for Oral Sex

Best Condoms for Oral Sex

Oral sex can be an enjoyable and exciting part of any couple’s sex life. While receiving oral sex is not terribly unsafe, as there have been no reported or documented cases of HIV infecting the receiver of oral sex, this is not the case if you are giving oral sex. Giving oral sex absolutely can […]

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Most Common Causes of Bleeding after Sex

Bleeding after Sex

When you experience vaginal bleeding after sex, and you are sure it isn’t from your period, it can be a scary thing. This issue, also called postcoital bleeding, happens more often than you might think and there are many potential causes. It should be noted that bleeding after sex is definitely not a normal thing. […]

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Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Best Lube

best lube guide

When it comes to choosing the best lubricant for you needs, there are many different options to choose from. There are also many reasons why you would want to use a lubricant. We’ll cover some reasons and the many options for lubricant below to help you make the perfect choice for you and your partner. […]

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What to do if your Condom Keeps Breaking

condom breaks

Does your condom keep breaking during sex? Perhaps it bursts or tears and you can’t figure out why? There are a number of reasons why this might be happening to you. Consider all of the questions below and see if one of these situations applies. Do you have the right size condom? This is one […]

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How do Urinary Tract Infections Happen – Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

urinary tract infection

Nearly 10 million urinary tract infections are diagnosed each year by doctors. Though anyone can get a UTI, these infections are much more typical in women. It is estimated that at least half of women will be diagnosed with a UTI at some point in their life. Many of those women will get multiple UTI’s […]

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Are Condoms From Vending Machines Any Good?

condoms from vending machine

Condom vending machines have become more and more common, especially in places like airports, subways, public restrooms and in school and college bathrooms. They are a handy option for many young people who are too embarrassed or scared to buy them from a drug store or ask their parents. Now, these individuals can easily buy […]

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Condom Effectiveness Against STDs

condom effectiveness against STD

Condoms have been around for centuries in one form or another, but in their typically latex form of modern times, they have only been in popular use for the past 3 decades or so. Condoms are, in fact, very effective against sexually transmitted diseases and also in the prevention of pregnancy. However, their rate of […]

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The Best Condoms from a Scientific Point of View

best condom by science

Condoms have been around for many years, and in wide use for decades now, but it may surprise you to know that very few scientific tests have been done on them. In fact, only recently has there been an exhaustive test on a wide range of condoms. In the early months of 2014, students at […]

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Condom Cookbook Released In Japan

condom cookbook

Japan is often known for unusual and offbeat things like television, food and pop stars. So when you read something about a condom cookbook actually being a real thing, well, your first thought might be that it can only happen in Japan. You would be right. A manga writer, known for her work on the […]

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Best Lubricants against Yeast Infection

lubes against yeast infection

Lubricants can be a vital part of a healthy sex life. A good lubricant can increase sexual satisfaction and generally make sex easier and more comfortable for both partners. However, lubricants are not without their problems. Some women can experience yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis after using some lubricants. The vagina contains very delicate and […]

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