The Most Unusual Places to Find Condoms

Like anything considered trash, condoms should be disposed of properly. But some people are just too adventurous or too funny to follow standard etiquette. Not that there are established rules on how to get rid of condoms once its purpose has been used up.

But would you believe that condoms find their way in the most unusual places? If you think about where some people decide to do the deed, you can bet that these contraceptives don’t always find their way in the trash can. It can also be a case of using condoms for an entirely different reason.

Weirdest Places Condoms Have Been Found

In the armory

Some people are likely to find the armory an exciting place to have sex, use condoms and then just leave it there, but that’s not how the story goes in India. This is because the military uses condoms to protect guns and tank barrels against dust.

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Considering how robust and impregnable some condoms are, you wouldn’t put it past the military to use it as a weapon’s cover.

In a McDonald’s sandwich

In 1998, an Easton man filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s at Third Street and Larry Holmes Drive after biting into a Big Mac that had a condom included in the filling. It had deteriorated after the sandwich went through the microwave. He claimed that he suffered emotional and physical illness because of the event.

His case, however, was dismissed after failing to provide documents that prove he was harmed. If Facebook was popular then and he had the foresight to take a picture and post it online,
McDonald’s would never have gotten away with it.

Imagine the kind of memes that will pop up online. The Big Mac would probably be renamed to the Big Condom Sandwich or Condom in a Bun.

In a McDonald’s Happy Meal

What is it with McDonald’s and condoms? What is bad about this case in Switzerland is that the condom was among the French fries discovered in a Happy Meal. If the 7-year-old girl who discovered it tried to chew on the condom, she could be treated to an unpalatable variety of French fries. Not to mention, hard to chew. It would have been worse if she tried to swallow it.

There were no follow-up reports during a police investigation, and Switzerland McDonald’s declined to comment. Well, the global company should seriously start patting down staff to make sure they don’t have condoms in their pockets.

Under a tree

People doing the deed under the tree should not come as a surprise. What is surprising is when a number of them were initially found and then start disappearing after a few days.

You can only hope that someone picked one and threw it in the trash. But why not pick them all? If they picked one and used a used condom … it does not bear thinking about. Gross.

In a restaurant’s playroom

How would you react if you suddenly find your child eating a condom off of the floor of what could have been a kid-friendly zone? Clearly, someone made use of the playroom for R-18 activities.

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