Benzocaine Condoms For Lasting Longer

Are you one of those men which seem to have trouble lasting in bed? Don’t worry! Plenty of other men out there are in the same boat. Obviously everybody wants to boost how long they last in bed.

As a man, the longer you keep going, the more pleasure you get out of it, and the woman, well, she wants you to last a decent amount of time too!

If you are a man looking to last longer, or perhaps a woman looking to ensure the man in her life lasts longer in bed, this is the article that you need to read. Here, we are going to introduce you to a type of condom which has been known to boost sexual performance: Benzocaine Condoms.

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The bulk of the pleasure that you receive during sex will come from the stimulation of nerves right at the tip of the penis. Benzocaine is a local anesthetic. It reduces the amount of stimulation hitting that nerve.

Desensitizing the penis will delay the ejaculation and make him last longer in bed. The wonderful thing is: a woman will not even know that you are using a Benzocaine Condom. They will just feel that you are using a standard condom.

I know how some men out there feel, as though they are not manly enough if they have to use something to delay their climax, and with this type of condom you are not going to feel like any less of a man. Not that you should feel that way anyway!

For the majority of people, Benzocaine condoms are safe to wear. There are very few men out there who will be adversely impacted by using them [1]. Some men might find that it is tough for them to maintain an erection whilst they are wearing this type of condom. Other men may find that the sensation that the Benzocaine Condom delivers to their penis, which is actually fairly mild, makes it tough to actually concentrate on the pleasurable aspect of sex which, ultimately, is not all that fun.

Of course, there are positive sides to the Benzocaine Condom. For example, many men find that wearing the Benzocaine Condom helps to boost their stamina in bed and improves their confidence. This may mean that men are able to also last longer when they are not actually wearing the condom. Think of it is as a training aid! (Although, obviously, don’t just ditch condoms altogether if you are looking to practice safe sex).

At the moment, there are several companies out there offering Benzocaine condoms. If you want to stay with the best known brands then don’t look any further than the Trojan Extended Pleasure or the Durex Performax.

The latter was actually one of the first high quality Benzocaine condoms on the market, and I feel it is still one of the best, although the Trojan Extended Pleasure condom does come in at a close second.

durex performa The Durex Performax condom has 5% Benzocaine in it. As mentioned previously; the benzocaine will numb your penis which will make it easier to last longer in bed. The benzocaine will not start to have an impact until the sex starts to really get kicked up a notch, at which point the Benzocaine will melt and numb the penis. There is absolutely no odour to the chemical, which is great. It will not have an adverse impact on your partner as they will not come into contact with it at all (just make sure you roll the condom on the correct side!).

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trojan extended pleasure The Trojan Extended Pleasure has a slightly lower concentration of Benzocaine at just 4%. However, many people find that the impact is very much the same as the Trojan condom is just slightly thicker.

Some people report that using this condom also numbed the feeling of their female partner. It seems that these condoms are highly lubricated and some of the desensitizing lube can easily get on the outer side of the condom as well. That’s also the reason why Durex Performax might be a better choice!

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UPDATE: here are few more extended pleasure condoms worth trying:

lifestyles everlast Lifestyles Everlast Intense Condom are lubricated with a delay lubricant formula which contains 4.5% of benzocaine on the INSIDE of the condom.

They also feature raised studs along the condom which should additionally stimulate your partner.

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unidus climax delay Long Love Climax Control Condoms contain a climax control cream with 3.5% of benzocaine.

These condoms are made by the biggest Korean condom manufacturer and are approved by the FDA for sale in the United States.

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erotim EROTIM Long Love Condoms have 7% of benzocaine in their lubricant which is more than any of the other condoms that we mentioned.

In case you don’t feel a difference with any of the above mentioned brands you can try this climax delay condom from a German manufacturer.

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If you really do want to make sex as pleasurable and last as long as possible for both you and your partner, then we really do suggest that you look at Benzocaine condoms. Go with one of the options that I mentioned on this page and you won’t go wrong; you will be experiencing longer lasting sex in next to no time at all!



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