7 Funniest Condom Reviews

funny condom reviews
One of the great advantages of shopping in today’s marketplace is the ability to go online and almost instantly get user reviews on any product that you might be interested in buying.

It’s not just big-ticket items that are open to review, as everything from pots and pans to paper products are reviewed by the people who use and buy them.

But what about condoms? Yes, it’s smart to engage in safe sex, but there is still a bit of a stigma attached to going in and buying them.

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The internet has helped, as shy guys the world over can now get their condoms delivered in a plain box that gives nothing away.

This had led to people becoming more open about condom use, with many going online to review their favorite brands.

Some reviews are serious, while others, like the ones below, go the humorous route. Let’s take a look at a few of the funniest condom reviews out there.

Funniest Condom Reviews – Our Top 7 Picks

1. “No children yet.” – Jahonay

This is one that we should perhaps take with a grain of salt. Yes, the condoms may be almost 100% effective, but there is always the possibility that this Amazon user is shooting blanks. The use of the word “yet” does not fill us with confidence.

2. “Wanted to write a review after I used them all, and after “that time of the month.” 36/36 of these condoms did not lead to pregnancy. I would recommend this to a friend, family, or even religious leaders.” – Jeffrey Connell

Seeing success 36 straight times is certainly a great strike rate, but we are not so sure about the whole religious leader thing. After all, as apparently immaculate conception could still be a distinct possibility.

3. “These are awesome, and they come with so many. I like that it came with 36 condoms because I was able to put one condom on my penis and every single one of my fingers and toes with extras to spare.” – Joseph A. Vazquez

Joseph should be made aware that his pack of 36 condoms also came with instructions. One the bright side, he probably saved himself some money now that he doesn’t need to buy gloves or socks.

4. “Allowed me to sustain Olympic performance levels. She was walking like John Wayne in the morning.” – S. Jones

Can we really believe this man’s claim of an Olympic performance when there were no judges there to verify it? Who’s to say that his partner was not entered into an equestrian event at those same Olympic Games?

5. “I’m having a baby in November.” – Amazon Customer

This review is for Durex Invisible Condoms. Can we be sure that he put one on before the act, or is it possible that he thought he had done so, but the “invisibility” factor came into play a little too well?

6. “These are great. Regular old condoms, nothing special. My girlfriend is not pregnant. Go Team,” – Anthony

What “team” is Anthony referring to in this review? We are hoping that it’s the makers of the condoms, and we certainly hope they were not involved in the testing. That poor girlfriend!!

7. “My girlfriend got pregnant after she told me that she put a pin in before I used it. Not pin or needle proof…disappointed.” – Adam Jay

This is the same guy who probably left a negative review of the piñata that smashed to pieces after he hammered it with a baseball bat.

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