TheyFit – Condoms With 101% Guarantee

Humans have been gifted with varying characteristic features used for differentiation. Having a one-size-fits-all proposition may not always do justice to this unique body structure possessed by different individuals – and this is all the more true in the case of condoms. Basically, a condom that does not fit well, does not play well!

TheyFit brand of condoms has come out in full swing to address this very fundamental cause for sex mishaps all across the world! TheyFit condoms believes in its range of 95 sizes which will help the customer decide which size is perfect for use.

101% Guarantee

As far as their guarantee goes, they are willing to go by their products with 101% assurance! This guarantee is crucial given that condom size plays a pivotal role not only when it comes to avoiding slippage during sex, but also at sustaining pleasure for the wearer. Misfit condoms can lead to a variety of issues, to name some- breakage, uncomfortable experience, condom dryness, slippage among others. If the condom does not fit well, the company is willing to give the buyer a refund along with £1. However, the buyer will have to ensure that they let the company know within 14 days of purchase to avail the same. Statistics point towards the success of this concept – all of their sizes were purchased in few days of the brand release in the market.


As for the ordering aspect, the company has ensured that all the logistics are in place to facilitate smooth purchase experience for the customer. The company ships to over 35 countries across the globe, with major partners and buyers located in the European Union, Canada, Asian countries, select middle-eastern countries and Australia.

Update: ONE® Condoms has acquired TheyFit, and will be rebranding it as myONE® Perfect Fit condoms in Fall 2017. ONE is excited to introduce 60 perfect-fit condom sizes to the United States. These include sizes larger and smaller than anything currently available on the U.S. market, marking a historic shift in the range of condoms that are cleared by the FDA for sale. Learn more at

Till then a mail forwarding service called A Few Bucks FWD serves as a cheap and reliable option to get TheyFit condoms across the pond.

This brand of condom is certainly a must-buy for those who are looking at a more ‘customized’ experience – a one that will satisfy all your needs! It’s not every day that a company comes forward to make you customized condoms and stand behind the product 101%. Take advantage of it!

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