Strange Facts About Penises

Looking to brush up on your unnecessary knowledge to impress your partner? Well, you are in the right place. Gentleman (and ladies!), let me introduce you to a couple of strange facts that you most likely will never need to know about the penis….although they are still quite interesting.

1. Men, are you planning on swimming up the Amazon river any time soon? Well, I really suggest you wrap your penis up quite snug if you do. This is because there is a tiny little catfish, around one inch long, which seems to have a habit of crawling up the urethra and nestling inside of your penis. Not exactly pleasurable. Whilst they are there they will feast on your blood. This will either lead to major swelling or death. The latter option of course is much less pleasurable. The only way in which you can get these little dudes removed is by the power of surgery.

2. Did you know that those who cut off their foreskin are 60% less likely to be infected with HIV? This is because the foreskin is home to a group of cells known as Langerhans cells. It seems as though these cells welcome HIV into the body with open arms. Ditch that foreskin and you will be more protected.

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3. North Korea. A nation of record beaters (or so their media will say at least). Did you know that it is claimed that Kim Jong-il’s penis was 3 foot and four inches long according to the record books in the dictatorship? I wonder how he managed to keep it up. The penis would have been almost as tall as him (measuring just over 5 foot high)

4. The actual longest penis in the world belongs to Jonah Falcon. He measures a cool 9 inches long when flaccid. This stretches to a whopping 13.5” inches long when erect. I think this is one of the cases where ‘bigger is not always better’ ladies.
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5. Did you know that the brain does not control ejaculations? This is actually controlled by the spinal cord. Theoretically you do not actually need a brain to ejaculate. I suppose this is true. After all, how many drunken ‘one night stands’ have you had where your brain was not quite functioning correctly?

6. The Blue Whale has the largest penis in the world. It measures a massive 8 feet in length. Certainly gives Kim Jong-Il a run for his money. The smallest penis can be found on the shrew. It measures .2 inches long (poor thing)

7. Did you know that you could be born with two penises? This condition is known as ‘Diphallus’ and affects one in ever 5 million males. The majority of the time one of those penises will be ‘non-functioning’. However, in rare cases, people have been born with two fuctioning penises. Crazy, right?
8. The penis used to have a spine. Nobody knows why. It just did. Apparently it led to quicker erections.

Well, those are our favorite strange penis facts. If that’s not enough, check out a few more at

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