Intermittent Condom Use as Useless as No Condom?

Here is a startling fact for you. Men who use condoms every single time they have anal sex are up to 70% less likely to acquire HIV in their lifetime than men who don’t use condoms. Of course, if you are at least a bit sensible you will realize that the usage of condoms really does help form protective barriers like this. However, the next fact is going to startle you even more.

Recent studies have concluded that using a condom every so often is as effective as using no condom. Which means over an extended period of time, you are around 68% more likely to contract HIV than somebody that does actually use condoms. In fact, the study showed that only one in six men were able to avoid HIV when using condoms intermittently over a six year period. Scary figures right?

From what I can tell, this is the first study since 1989 on the subject of HIV and gay men, and to be honest, it is highly unlikely that anybody was predicting the results that came out from it. In case you are wondering, if you use a condom every single time you have anal sex, the chances of you contracting HIV are 1% a year, which is a tiny figure in comparison. It therefore goes to show that if you are a male, you should always ensure you have a condom on you, unless you know the sexual history of your partner of course, and can be confident that they do not have this STD.

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