For those of you who want to find out your perfect condom size the quickest way, here are three fast and easy steps:

1) Measure your penis circumference.

We stress the circumference as the most important size-related number.
You can use a measuring tape or a string to measure it. If using a string, loop it once around the thickest part of your erect penis and mark down where it connects. Straighten out the string and use a ruler to measure the distance. That number is your circumference.

2) Check the best matching condom width from the chart below.

If you did step 1 correctly you now know your circumference. Check the chart below for the suggested condom width (best viewed on a desktop).

Penis Circumference (inches)Suggested Condom Width (in)Penis Circumference (mm)Suggested Condom Width (mm)
<4"1.77" - 1.85"<102mm45 - 47mm
4.1" – 4.5"1.85" – 1.93"104 -114mm47 - 49mm
4.5" – 4.7"1.96" – 2.05"114 – 119mm50 - 51mm
4.7" - 4.9"2.05" - 2.09"119 – 124mm52 – 53mm
4.9" – 5.1"2.09" - 2.13"125 – 130mm53 – 54mm
5.1" – 5.5"2.15" - 2.28"130 – 140mm55 - 58mm
5.5" – 5.8"2.28" – 2.37"140 – 147mm58 – 60mm
5.8" – 6.1"2.37" – 2.53"147 – 155mm60 - 64mm
>6.1"2.53" – 2.72">155 mm64 - 69mm

3) Pick your best fitting condom on the condom size chart

Now that you have a suggested condom width you can browse the size chart and pick the condom that best matches this number, plus your preferred condom style or brand.
According to your location, click on the image below for the appropriate condom size chart (the left one is best suited for US visitors and the right one for the rest).

size chart US       size chart nonUS

Learn more:

  • The most pleasurable and safest condoms are those that match your size
  • To avoid condom slippage or breakage it’s especially important to pick the appropriate condom width.


PS. Looking for a condom size chart for a specific country? Here are all the charts that we’ve compiled so far:

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