How Condoms are Made – Condom Manufacturing Process

Over the years the condom manufacturing process has changed significantly. In fact, many people nowadays would be surprised to know that just a short amount of time ago condoms were made to be reusable (of course, not the safest thing in the world).

The current manufacturing processes are better than they have ever been, and that of course has led to condoms being one of the safest forms of contraception in this day and age. Let’s take a little look at how condoms are made.

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With a few exceptions, the majority of condoms nowadays are made from rubber or latex. This is a natural material which is derived from the bark of rubber trees in Asia. These trees basically secrete a milk-like juice which is then converted to rubber.

Once the rubber has been cultivated it is sent off to a production facility where it is processed into the condom shape. The condom is then heated up at 100 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes. This is an incredibly important part of the manufacturing process as it helps to give condoms their elasticity.

The next stage of the manufacturing process involves the condoms being given a powdered coat. Each condom is then tested individually to ensure that it meets standards. A bit of lubricant is then applied.

The condom is then rolled up and put into its packaging. No human hands ever touch the condoms to ensure that they do not become contaminated. At random points during the manufacturing process further quality checks are taken out to ensure that all of the condoms produced are safe.

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