Flying with Condoms: Your Questions Answered

Can you bring condoms on an airplane flight? It’s a question that has been on all of our minds at least once. A quick Google search will leave you with a bunch of different answers and little to no clarity.

Thanks to the “taboo” nature of sex objects, things like condoms are often excluded from guideline books for TSA so there is a bit of a grey area that leaves travelers guessing.

So, can you bring condoms on a flight? How many can you travel with? Where is the best place to store them on a flight? If you’ve ever wondered any of these things, we’ve got you covered.

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Traveling with Condoms – Is it Allowed?

The short answer to this question is yes, you’re absolutely allowed to fly with condoms. The long answer is that you need to be careful about how you travel with condoms.

How to Fly with Condoms Safely

The way that you fly with your condoms is very important, as it can determine their effectiveness later on.

Putting your condoms in checked luggage may seem like a great idea at first because there’s no risk of them setting off any alarms in airport security and you avoid the potential embarrassment. BUT it’s important to remember that condoms can be very sensitive when it comes to temperature fluctuations.

Your checked baggage goes into the lower part of the plane, which is more prone to the elements than the part of the plane that you and your carry on ride in.

While the lower half is insulated, it can still get much hotter and much colder than condom manufacturers recommend them to be stored in.

While they may be okay in checked baggage on a short flight, the best practice is to pack your condoms in your carry-on luggage or purchase new condoms when you arrive to your destination. This way, you can be sure that they are stored in good conditions and that they’re ready to work when they need to!

How Many Condoms Can You Fly With?

While something like lube would be restricted because it is a liquid, a condom is a solid piece of stretchy material (usually latex, but it can be made out of other things for those with latex allergies). It is not a safety risk; therefore, TSA does not regulate it. You can fly with one single condom, or you can fly with fifty of them. The choice is yours.

Will Condoms Set off a Metal Detector in TSA?

There’s no real reason why condoms would set off a metal detector, but there can be a few reasons why TSA may want to check your bag while you’re traveling with condoms.

  • Leaving condoms in their original box won’t set off any alarms typically, but some carrying cases may contain metal and TSA agents may want you to open them up so that they can see the contents clearly.
  • Similarly, a huge box of condoms may call for inspection by TSA agents to ensure that the box is full of purely condoms.

If you’re shy about the fact that you’re traveling with condoms, remember that almost everyone around you has used a condom in their lifetime. It’s normal and its healthy, you’re being responsible!

If you still don’t want anyone to know that you’re traveling with condoms, you can request a private security screening so that no one else can see your condoms. While this will take a lot longer than a traditional screening, it will ensure that your private business remains private. 

Traveling Safely with Condoms on an Airplane

TSA has no specific regulations in regard to condoms, so you are free to travel with as many as you want. Be sure to pack them in your carry on bag to ensure effectiveness and avoid temperature variations that can be found in the lower part of the plane where checked luggage goes.

In addition, be mindful of what you pack your condoms in and remember that everyone uses condoms, so you have no reason to feel embarrassed about traveling with them.

Safe travels!

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