10 Condoms with Extra Head Room For Extra Comfort

Finding the right condom for your sexual experiences can be key to maximizing the pleasure and comfort you experience in the bedroom. Many condom brands and types offer a variety of condoms suited to fulfill specific needs and desires.

Oftentimes, we desire that natural, comfortable feel but do not want to compromise the use of protection during sex. Condoms that offer extra head room and a larger fit allow for a more comfortable and safer experience for both partners. Here are a few condom brands that produce condoms with extra head rom:

One Pleasure Dome

one pleasure domePleasure Dome condoms produced by One are designed to have a larger, more comfortable head size. Focused on providing you with the best fit, Pleasure Dome condoms ensure a pleasurable bedroom experience for both partners with its unique design.

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Its larger head room maximizes comfort during intercourse, and it also provides premium silicone lubricant and a reservoir tip for heightened sensitivity and sensation. Additionally, choosing ONE Pleasure Dome condoms helps people in need since a portion of every purchase supports HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment efforts in Africa.

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Durex Maximum Love

maximum loveDurex Maximum Love condoms are approximately 20% thinner than the standard latex condom. Its fitted shape for an easy and great feel provides the protection you need while maximizing pleasure for both partners in the bedroom. Additionally, these condoms hold a low latex scent which is a plus for those who cannot stand the odor of typical latex condoms. Their slightly longer feature and 25% more lubrication allows for a comfortable and silky smooth feel guaranteed to increase pleasure. The flared shape fits normally on the shaft, but it maintains generous head room for maximum comfort during intercourse, making it a valuable product to try.

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LifeStyles Pleasure Shaped Condoms

pleasure shapedLifeStyles Pleasure Shaped condoms forgo the traditional, non-contoured latex of standard condoms.
Pleasure Shaped condoms offer a uniquely large tip for extra head room and freedom of movement, which in turn heightens stimulation for both partners.

These condoms guarantee optimal stimulation and intensity, providing lubricated friction with extra width at the top to ensure comfort for the wearer.

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Kimono Maxx

kimono maxxKimono Maxx condoms are made specifically for those who seek more comfort and a larger fit during their sexual experience.
Made from sophisticated Japanese engineering, Kimono Maxx is made up of specially selected natural rubber latex and state-of-the-art processing under the latest technology. This has produced a larger shape, designed with 25% extra head room, added length, and extreme thinness for a more pleasurable experience.

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LifeStyles Ultra Lubricated

lifestyles ultra lubricatedLifeStyles Ultra Lubricated provide specially lubricated latex to create a silky and smooth friction that ensures heightened sensations and pleasure.

Its reservoir tip adds comfort and safety to the lovemaking experience, and its high-quality latex makes it sensitive to all skin types. LifeStyles’ premium design is geared towards men looking to add comfort to their sex life along with that increased pleasurable feel.

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LifeStyles Kyng

kyngLifeStyles’ new Kyng condoms provide a larger and more comfortable fit for men during sex. Larger than the standard latex condom, LifeStyles Kyng provides extra-long and extra wide space in its most popular flared shape for more comfort.

Its reservoir tip offers extra safety and comfort, and it boasts a specially-lubricated, low scent latex designed for maximum pleasure in the bedroom. Its highly advanced, premium design makes it a high standard condom for a larger fit.

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LifeStyles THYN

lifestyles thynLifeStyles THYN condoms provide a natural feel with reliable protection that is perfect for men looking for extra safety and comfort in their sexual experience.
These condoms are 21% thinner than the standard condom, and they come with specially lubricated skin so they will not dry out during use. Its thinness offers a pleasurable feel along with maximized comfort thanks to its flared shape.

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Durex Enhanced Pleasure

enhanced pleasureDurex Enhanced Pleasure condoms offer a super comfortable fit with its naturally contoured shape, reservoir tip, and silky smooth, long-lasting lubricant.

Great for more sensitivity and pleasure, Durex Enhanced Pleasure condoms are uniquely shaped and ideal for those looking for a snugger fit.

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Trojan Ultra Enz Comfort

trojan ultra enz comfortTrojan Ultra Enz Comfort condoms are made from premium quality latex and a special reservoir end for extra safety. Complete with a silky smooth lubricant, these condoms are designed to ensure comfort and sensitivity during your sexual experience.
Its roomier shape and premium lubricant provides additional comfort, and each condom is electronically tested to ensure reliability.

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Trojan Magnum Ecstasy

Magnum EcstasyTrojan Magnum Ecstasy condoms are revolutionary designed to help you feel maximum pleasure and comfort.

Its unique and roomy shape allows for optimal freedom of movement that makes for a more natural experience in bed.

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If you’re looking for added comfort and pleasure in the bedroom without compromising the use of a condom, condoms designed with extra head room and space might be a good solution. Try them!

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